September 25, 2013

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Playing at the park!

  • We survived another week at Bible Study.  I was even awake early enough to work on Keaton's cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow.  The kids were all ready and even played on their kindles before we had to leave.
  • Drop off was easier this morning and Keaton only briefly fussed.  And even though I left during the last prayer, I still was the last one to pick up Reagan.  When I picked Keaton up, she had toys in her hands and she went back to put them up.  Campbell looked like she had a great time and my boys had been up to no good on the playground (per classmate Caroline's report).  And Whitman's teacher told me that "he was just a blessing."
  • Next up was eating with friends at the park.  The kids actually did more playing than eating my pizza that I bought for them.  I almost didn't get that pizza since a coke delivery truck was blocking the drive thru.  That left me with a few choices-wait the truck out, get everyone out to go in and pick up my pizza or just let them miss lunch.  Thankfully, the truck moved just in time or I would have had some hungry kids by the end of the afternoon.
  • Back at home, we worked on those oral reports.  Graham did better today but I had written him another copy using less words thinking he could just talk but he would have none of that at all!  We did work on his cave and Anderson started and finished his poster.  Robby printed him out a pretty cool board and pictures so he was really happy.  Reagan worked on painting her picture and soon we had all finished and were cleaning up the kitchen.  I think they only worked hard at cleaning because they were about to get to watch a movie.
  • A movie and then it was time to go to church.  When we pulled into the parking lot, Campbell told Keaton "see it is our church, not the other one."  And Keaton didn't fuss when she walked into her class.  The kids all had fun tonight and then home to bed.  A long day but a short post-I bet I will have a few more things to talk about tomorrow since it is another Dennie birthday!

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