September 18, 2013

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Why so many hands on me?

  • Back to reality today as it was our first day at home with Robby back at work and really, reality isn't any fun.  I am now packing up to go on the road permanently.  A few years ago while on one of our trips, we met a lady who was taking her kids to all 50 states.  Her husband was staying at home working to fund their travels-shh, don't tell Robby but we are going to try that!  Actually, I am pretty spoiled and we will be leaving for a trip in two weeks and one day.  
  • Robby woke me up and soon everyone was up and getting ready.  Whitman had his cereal while everyone else ate.  We had a few minutes before time to leave so everyone emptied the trash before we left.  The kids were ready to see what this Bible study I had been talking about was all about.
  • We arrived early and started dropping everyone off.  Keaton was not pleased at all about being dropped off though her teachers said she only cried for a minute.  They said Whitman got a gold star for his behavior and he never even had a bottle.  Anderson and Graham were in a class together. Campbell was the very last for me to pick up and she was happy to see me.  And Reagan could not stop talking about it and has asked me multiple times when we are going back.  She was thrilled to do her Bible study homework today as well.  And by looking at her booklet, she will know more about Revelation than most people!
  • After Bible study, we made it home right at lunch.  The kids went upstairs to play and I should have been preparing lunch but I sorted the mail.  Then I scrambled to make lunch.  Next up was naps for Whitman and Keaton.  I tried my hardest to get Campbell to lay down and rest but she only stayed on the couch for a few minutes.
  • School went crazy-well.  So well that all good things must come to an end and when the crazy-well ended, things became crazy-bad.  Graham finished school well and then couldn't find anything to do except hit his brother and pick on his sister.  Gracious!
  • By the time we had finished just a half day of our school work, it was time to rush around and eat supper.  I passed out supper and then to load Whitman and bags into the car for church tonight.
  • Our first stop on the way was to see Beebee.  She was delighted to see us and the kids were delighted to see her candy and her cash.  They talked to her about their trip and each told their favorite things-the Grand Canyon cabin was a big, big hit.  
  • They all did great at church tonight and as soon as we made it home, the kids had a drink and then they all headed to bed.  This has been a long day-hopefully, we will all rest well tonight!

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