September 17, 2013

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Boys will be boys....

  • Back to reality and reality wasn't any fun for Whitman last night-he spent the night in the bonus room.  And he had nothing good to say about it.  Well, I don't really know that but when we went to bed he was mad but when we woke up (well, when Robby went to check on him) he was happy.  I am not sure what happened in the mean time.  But I know that this was the first time in over a month that I have slept all night.  During our trip, he had been waking up twice a night so we thought he needed to learn again to sleep through the night.  I did reward him with some cereal for the first time this morning though-and he liked it.  I made it fairly thick and though he would occasionally gag, he ate every bit that I made. And I think that he has been happier and less spitty uppy today too.  Now to get up tomorrow in time to feed him before time to go.
  • Robby and I both slept in until well after 8 but the kids didn't stir until after 9:30.  I was downstairs trying to be quiet and heard someone upstairs playing with toys.  I went up to find Anderson happily playing away.  I told him I was going to do laundry and went to work.  About 10 minutes later, I heard someone talking to Whitman who was now on my bed and thought others were awake but it was still only Anderson.  
  • Graham was the next one to wake up so the boys decided to eat breakfast.  That is when I fed Whitman and soon we heard Keaton.  And in just a few minutes Campbell and Reagan came walking down the stairs.  Both of their hair was crazy-like they had been sleeping for a month.  We had breakfast and then started on school.  
  • Everyone got to work and did pretty good on a few things.  Campbell was my super star at school today-she did every single thing in her box.  And not just did it, but seemed to enjoy it.  Earlier, she had started to get bored with stuff.  Maybe she had missed school or maybe I was just lucky with what I had filled her boxes with today.  
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa arrived to help hang a swing and clean the van.  The kids were excited to see them and stuck pretty close to them all morning long.  Grandpa hung our new swing-by the driveway-big swing number 4 in our yard plus the 3 on the swing set means that all the Dennie's kids can swing plus we have one for a friend.  Robby took out the seats of the van and Grannymom cleaned that thing and it now looks like new.  
  • I stayed inside and worked on my chores-mostly laundry.  By last night, we had most everything put up from our trip so that was pretty good.  Everyone had a late lunch and eventually Grannymom and Grandpa left for home.   
  • Soon after they left, the kids started watching a movie and then Nonna and Pops came over with a birthday cake for Reagan.  She enjoyed blowing out her candles again and we enjoyed the cake.  
  • When they left, we did a bit of school.  By this time Graham was tired but he did manage to do a few things-maybe we can finish up today's school tomorrow or maybe not and maybe we will just homeschool all summer!
  • Since the pickings are slim in the pantry, we ate at Arbys and then did some mega grocery shopping. Most of our shopping was for Reagan's birthday party though leaving us little to eat here!  Robby had Keaton and Reagan mostly and I had the others.  We divided and conquered and did pretty good. Robby said Keaton was so happy in the buggy.  And one man walked by me and said "that is just precious back there"-I looked back there to see Anderson with his head practically inside of Whitman's carrier talking away to him.  Sweet brothers.  
  • Back at home, we let the kids play on their kindles and then it was bedtime.  Bedtime was pretty early-8ish so Reagan and Anderson were pretty wired tonight.  We let them talk for a bit since the others were already asleep.  
  • I forgot to mention this but yesterday during football practice, Graham's team was having their devotional and Grahammy was listening quietly.  Robby said that one kid answered a question with "If I were batman, I would..."  Graham, who understood that this wasn't the right answer, put his head down and shook it.  Then he said "oh brother" and looked at Robby with a grin.  

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