July 13, 2015

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  • It didn't take long for my campers to wake up this morning.  They were putting on their clothes before Campbell woke up-she was sleeping in my room.  Apparently, she had a bad dream about everything in our house going away and so she walked all the way down the stairs to our bedroom.  I am always amazed that the kids will come down to our bedroom in the middle of the night-sometimes I am spooked to go up to their room! 
  • Robby headed out with the campers (Reagan, Anderson and Graham).  He dropped the boys off at church and then headed to Benton to drop of Lilli, Reagan and Alyssa Kate at their drop off for camp.  
  • Meanwhile, Campbell watched me fold laundry and then we worked on her reading book for a bit.  She was pretty anxious to wake up Keaton and Whitman but I waited as long as I could before doing that.
  • At 8, we did wake them up and had breakfast while reading a few books.  Then I started going through some clothes while taking breaks to play baby doll, make a train track and to have a disco party.  I eventually finished with my chores and soon it was lunch time.  
  • My girls were pretty tired today so I gave them plenty of downtime this afternoon.  They would go from being happy during the morning to laying on the floor screaming-they are so exhuasted.  I let them watch a few movies this afternoon and then they were ready for me to play with them again.
  • But I had other plans-Sonic to deliver the boys clothes.  The boys were spending the night with Cash and I had planned on doing pick up today so the clothes were ready this morning.  Robby picked up the girls and then picked up the boys and everyone had a good day at camp.
  • Lilli, Reagan and Alyssa Kate are in the same group, Anderson knows everyone in his group and Graham says that he only knows one person (though I bet he knows more than that).  They all had lots of fun and talked pretty much nonstop on the way home.
  • I let my 3 littles play at Sonic while we waited on the others and then Lilli came home with us instead of the boys.  I made supper and then they all played for a long while.  Close to bedtime, I did make everyone shower-they probably could have used two showers and then they watched a movie.
  • Before showers, the girls all had a bit too much fun with Whitman and he came up to show us his clothes-a fireman jacket with a princess dress underneath it!  Gracious me!

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