July 14, 2015

I don't want to leave the pool!
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  • So my campers woke up fairly well this morning.  Reagan and Lilli just sat on the stairs for the longest time before they were fully awake.  After they were ready I found them sitting at the bar and once again they were just sitting in the mud room.  They were pretty tired but were ready in time so I did just let them sit around until time to leave.
  • Robby said that drop offs went fine again today and while he was dropping off, I was being quiet as a mouse trying to get a few things done around here before my other people woke up.  Campbell and Keaton walked out of the bedroom together and asked where Lilli was and then were Robby was. They were so upset when I told them that everyone had already left.  
  • But their mood improved when I told them that we were going to go swimming early this morning.  The girls helped me do a few chores and then we were off to the swimming pool.  We arrived just as the pool opened and there were not too many people there.
  • Swimming today was a bit different than last time we did at our pool-Whitman!  He now goes pretty much anywhere he wants and he shouted "I swimming" at least 100 times.  The only problem is that he is easily bumped under the water by his sisters.  I was always near him today except the last hour as I was drying off and since I wasn't in the deep the kids weren't either.  So Whitman was in the shallow and 3 times fell over but wasn't able to get up-except his face was not in the water so he was able to lift his arm and call out "help, Momma, help."
  • After lunch Keaton forgot her floatee and when I remembered and shouted her name, the poor baby thought she was in so much trouble.  I was just trying to get her attention quickly so I didn't have to jump in after her but she just kept saying "I forgot, I just forgot."  My little cutie!  
  • By the end of our swimming, I think everyone was ready to leave the pool and head to Grannymom's house.  Campbell didn't really want for me to leave but she sure didn't want to go with me.  Since she has been sleeping near us (even a night or two since we have been home) I think that she has become pretty attached to Robby and me.
  • After dropping my 3 off at Grannymoms, I ran to Sams and then home to do a little work.  I didn't have much time at home because I ran to go and pick up all the kids.  The girls were already there when I pulled up about 15 minutes early and the boys were there as well.  We waited for a bit on the playground with the Heltz.  Then we headed to Sonic to drop off Lilli and Reagan and headed home with the boys.
  • My boys must have been tired tonight because the first thing they wanted to do was take a shower.  So they had showers and then I made supper for them.  Robby worked in the yard all evening long and the boys were pretty quiet so I quickly lost track of time and let tomorrow's campers stay up a bit too late. I am sure though that they quickly fell asleep.

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