July 15, 2015

Having fun at Nonna & Pops!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Another early morning around here and my campers today were a bit more energetic than yesterday.  I did have quite the scare when I walked into the bedroom upstairs.  I reached to wake up Cash and he wasn't in his bed, not on the floor, not in the other bed but I did eventually find him laying in bed with Anderson.  They were sleeping soundly but no telling how well they rested!
  • Once everyone was off to camp and work, I had the house to myself for a bit.  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman had spent the night at Grannymom's house and were having a big time this morning at the zoo and then at the pool. Grannymom said that as soon as Whitman heard about going to the zoo, he made it clear that he wanted to walk.  He told her many times "I walk" and walk he did.  Keaton is my smart girl so she didn't pass up a ride or two in the stroller.  The zoo day even included a train ride!
  • Around noon, I left to go and meet Robby for our 15th anniversary lunch at Heights Taco and Tamale.  The best part of the meal was their salsa marmalade (tomato and jalepeno jam).  After lunch I went to have my wedding ring resized and then to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a bit of window shopping.  
  • I then picked up my little people and took them to Nonna's house. They are having a pretty big week too even though they didn't get to go to camp.  Nonna had mentioned pulling out the sprinkler and my girls couldn't wait for me to leave so they could start playing in the water.  
  • When I did leave, I drove to Benton for pick up and then to church for pick up.  Then I was able to get gas before dropping off Lilli and Cash.  Alyssa Kate and Caroline came home with us for the night.  Before we had supper, some of the kids had showers and then the rest had showers after supper.  
  • Graham and Alyssa Kate played basketball with his new basketball goal and then it was movie time for everyone.  Robby had finished with the yard (well, the rain caused him to finish) and I worked on our trip book.  When the movie was over, it was bedtime for all my crew-boys in the toy room and the girls in the bedroom.  My boys were pretty tired but I might still be able to hear the girls giggling.
  • All evening long, I kept thinking that I needed to get my camera and take a few pictures but of course I never thought about it again until I sat down to work on the blog so up the steps I had to go.  My kids are used to me coming in their room after bedtime to get my picture of the day but I am not too sure if Alyssa Kate and Caroline are used to my craziness!

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