July 21, 2015

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  • I had a revalation today: making cinnamon toast in the oven is sure a lot faster than making it in my toaster.  Why would someone not have told me that years ago?  For a while I would set off the smoke alarm every time I made toast but that has improved lately.  What has also improved lately is my kids appetites.  They eat toast so quickly that I can hardly give everyone some toast before others are asking for seconds.  Not so today-I filled my cookie sheet up with toast and everyone was able to eat at the same time-this left me free to read and eat myself!
  • I decided that the kids should do a bit of their first day of school today so when I told them that, everyone took it well-ish.  I just had them do two boxes so of course the easiest of all of the boxes were picked by everyong.  Campbell did finish up her first day today-I found some skittles for her one page and we worked on her spelling together.  
  • After they had finished their school, we did a few chores and then headed to the library.  I just needed to get some books that were on hold and Reagan begged me to just run in myself and not make everyone else get out of the car.  I told her no that was not safe but she countered with "Daddy does it all of the time."  (I took this issue up with their father who could only think of one place that he runs in with the kids in the car.) 
  • Then it was time to meet Grannymom at the pool.  She had lunch for us and after a short swim, we all ate.  Lilli showed up and the kids started playing tag.  Lilli and Graham yell at each other like an old married couple (though I don't really know any old married couples that yell at each other!)  I eventually had to put a stop to the game of tag and thought about making the kids swim laps as a punishment (actually, I just made them play another game at the other side of the pool so I couldn't hear them hollar at each other.)
  • It was hot, hot out there today-though it was fine in the water.  And it was also sunny-apparently I didn't use enough sun screen on the kids.  Keaton, even though she received two coats, is pretty red this evening.  Once we made it home, the kids played on their kindles and upstairs for awhile.  
  • Robby was home a little late but that was fine since he brought home supper.  After supper, Graham, Campbell and Keaton put on a show for us-basically, Graham was a bank robber, Campbell was the cop and Keaton was the one who took the stolen money back to the bank.  This lasted for far too long before we clapped and cheered long enough that the show had to be over.
  • On the trip, we listened to the book Fantastic Mr. Fox and I found that movie at the library so we watched it-let's just say the book was better than the movie!  I guess that is how is usually is but the book was also just as long as the movie.  Whitman watched most of the movie with his hands in his mouth-I do believe that he acts like he is scared so his big sisters will baby him.  
  • After the movie, it was bedtime for all my people.  Robby said that I didn't have many pictures today and reminded me that the kids will only be this age today...so I will try to do better with a few more shots tomorrow.

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