July 25, 2015

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  • We all slept in as long as we could this morning and then had to scurry around to get ourselves ready.  I had left Whitman in the kitchen eating a honey bun and when I walked back in, he looked at me and shouted "I eat it ALL!" 
  • Next stop was Grannymom's house to pick up Grannymom, Grandpa and Zach and then we headed to pick up my ring.  If you see my shiny ring and think it is new, it is not.  After the 3rd or 4th kiddo, I couldn't fit it over my finger anymore so I finally got around to having it resized-just a 1/2 size larger (that made me feel skinny!)
  • Then it was to the MacArthur Museum to walk around and see the vintage military vehicles.  They had quite a few jeeps and such out on the grounds.  It was decent in the shade so we walked around for a few minutes.  One nice man showed the kids different helmets and let them hold an old radio-they couldn't believe that it was like a phone.  (Of course they can hardly imagine a phone that plugs into the wall.)
  • Back in the car we hopped for a drive to the River Market to walk around the Farmer's Market.  Grannymom was the only one to buy anything though I was tempted (it wasn't veggies).  I did see the price of peaches there and wish that I had some more like the ones we bought on the way home from Branson.  (Anyone going to Branson?)  
  • We needed a bit of nourishment before driving back across town so we gobbled up some ice cream and then picked up lunch to eat at Grannymom's house.  After a bit of playing over there, we went to the pool for about 3 hours.  
  • Grannymom and I both tried to get Keaton to take off her floatees and swim some but she would not do it for us at all.  But when Jenna came along, Keaton was all about swimming without her floatees.  And that little thing did really, really well-I think I will have to ask Jenna to come back to the pool with us very soon.
  • It was hot, hot and you pretty much had to be in the water or wet to be comfortable.  But the worst part was the concrete-it was scalding!  Zack and Anderson worked on making a path with water from our chairs to the pool but I swear, I think that the water was boiling when they put it on the concrete and it really didn't help any.  I tried to pick Whitman up as much as I could so he didn't burn his little feet.
  • After the pool, Zach came back home with us for a bit-the kids played the Wii, nerf guns and watched some movies.   The weather looked iffy for our next plan-half price shakes at Sonic and playtime on the playground.  But we waited the off and on rain out until it the sky looked clear and headed for shakes (oh, yes, we did have supper before-lots of leftovers)
  • It didn't even look like it had rained at Sonic so the sand was dry and the kids were able to play-until our shakes came.  It took awhile to make 8 ice cream dishes (6 shakes and 2 ice cream cups-I was the one skipping ice cream tonight...though I did end up drinking most of Robbys)
  • After ice cream, we took Zach back to Grannymom's house and then drove home for showers.  When we want, we can get those showers done quickly and we did tonight-in and out, in and out working three showers at a time!  Whoop, whoop and everyone was in bed by 10! (By everyone, I mean the kids-Robby and I just sat down on the couch to start our grown up quiet time!)

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