July 26, 2015

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  • I carefully laid out the kids clothes this morning so no one would have to ask me what color their shirt was, what dress was theirs or anything else during my shower.  I started with Reagan's dress (which she did not wear and picked her own clothes out) and ended with Whitman's little clothes.  Even though I was trying to avoid an incident like a few weeks ago when Robby put Whitman's shirt (he's 2) on Graham (he's 6), I actually created a problem-I switched Anderson and Graham's shorts up. It is always strange to me that the kids can not figure out that they do not have on their clothes but someone elses' clothes-Anderson looked at me and said "these shorts sure are tight."  It never crossed his mind that he was wearing some one else's shorts!
  • Thankfully, everyone was dressed, in their own clothes, and ready for breakfast in plenty of time for us to eat and then arrive at church in plenty of time to check in with all of the grandparents.  
  • My Whitman did NOT want to go into his class this morning.  That sweet baby grabbed Keaton's hand and tried to pull her in the room with him.  Eventually I had to pry his hands from the door frame as his teacher pulled him into the room-what a horrible feeling!  And it hasn't gotten any better even though he is number 6!
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and Zach was there which delighted my people.  We ate and the kids had a bit of time to play before we headed home for the afternoon.  During the afternoon, my Keaton and Campbell worked had on making themselves and a few of their baby dolls crowns to wear.  I had forgotten that I had actually banned from them from all art supplies for the week because someone (probably Keaton) colored on a door and a wall a few days ago.
  • And while I am mentioning those girls, just imagine them walking through the house towing a shopping cart filled with 3 baby dolls and a stroller with 3 baby dolls, each holding a baby and usually with 2-3 diaper bags each.  All day long, every day-those girls and their babies!
  • Church tonight and Whitman was able to go into class with Keaton and that didn't help any either-he still didn't want to play.  But when I picked him up, he was as happy as he could be.  And everyone else was as happy as they could be when we made it home and passed out Sunday's ice cream truck-new selection of goodies tonight since the others had melted!  Maybe I should try a new ice cream treat tonight as well!   

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