July 23, 2015

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  • Keaton and Campbell were awake at exactly seven this morning.  Campbell must have been up waiting on the clock to change to seven and woke Keaton up.  Keaton told me that Campbell woke her up and she was still sleeping.  Everyone else slept for a bit longer.  Graham was the one who woke up next and headed to the toy room to make a massive train track for Whitman.
  • The morning was pretty much the same this morning-we did a few school boxes.  I did determine that Graham needs to work on how to write a really good paragraph (maybe Reagan and Anderson need to learn that as well).  So many things to work on and just so little time!
  • Our main mission this morning was getting things accomplished around the house so we could head out for some shopping.  Graham had some birthday money to spend and we needed to buy a few birthday presents.  
  • The one thing that I really do not enjoy doing is shopping-if I could never enter a store again and buy everything that I need from amazon I would be completely happy.  (Now I do like the grocery store)  I was dreading this event but before we started we ran to Nonna's house to pick up a coupon.  She offered to keep anyone who wanted to stay with her so Whitman was quickly volunteered by me and then Campbell said that she wanted to stay with Nonna as well-2 less shoppers with me was certainly fine.
  • Our first stop was Micheals-Graham had a gift card to buy a scrapbook and it didn't take us too long to find one and some scrapbook supplies which were all on sale.  Then we found a birthday present for tomorrow's party which was also on sale.  Reagan was the wild card though-I was really worried that she wasn't going to be able to decide on a present for Lilli but she quickly did and at Micheals.
  • We were on a roll and ran in and out of the dollar store for some candy.  I was feeling good and then we entered Sports Academy to spend one last gift card of Grahams.  That is where my good feeling stopped!  We walked and we walked and we walked around the store-first the boy wanted a tennis racket, then a skateboard and finally, he decided on a pocket knife.  Not the safest of items to buy but probably safer than a skateboard.  I did cause some of the delay at the store because I bought shoes for Reagan and Anderson but oh, my we were there forever!
  • On the way back to Nonnas, I rewarded everyone with dollar hot dogs from sonic.  Then we picked up Campbell and Whitman and headed home for the afternoon.  The afternoon flew quickly by and soon we were back in the car headed to Lilli's birthday party.
  • We dropped Reagan off at the nail place to surprise Lilli while Cash came with us. Robby ran into Walmart and then we claimed a good spot at the pool and waited on the birthday girl and her friends to arrive.  
  • Lilli had a big party and was pretty surprised at the nail salon.  Reagan had never had a pedicure-didn't even know what it was-so of course she had a great time as well.  She talked and talked about it most of the way home.  She enjoyed it so much that we might have to do it again sometime!

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