July 29, 2015-Happy Birthday Graham!

Our newest 7 year old!
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  • Whenever we went to wake up a bit early, the kids will sleep later than usual and today was one of those days.  Once we started waking everyone up, they were ready to begin this birthday day with breakfast at Krispy Kreme and within minutes the cars were loaded and we were on our way.
  • We usually buy 2 dozen doughnuts when we go there but today was had a coupon-so 4 dozen doughnuts were today's purchase.  They won't last long since we ate about a dozen and a half this morning.  Graham was pretty happy to blow out his first of 3 candles today.
  • After breakfast, Robby went to work and we ran home for a little bit.  The kids worked on their school work and I rushed around cleaning bathrooms.  We were able to finish almost all the school work that we had laid out (not much at all) before we had to leave again.  
  • We met the Heltz and Kamps at the pool today.  The pool was pretty full for the first little but then it emptied out.  After lunch, Robby arrived with ice cream and some toppings for the birthday boy and everyone else to enjoy.  
  • After Robby left, my Whitman got his sandals and was ready to leave too.  He let me know that he was ready to leave by fussing for a good 15 minutes.  Then he finally sat in my lap at the edge of the pool and drank his drink.  After I had refilled his cup twice, I didn't the third time so he went to my ice chest and started adding ice himself.  I guess this was a enough to make him happy because after a few minutes, he returned to the pool as happy as he could be-but he only had about 5 minutes before the whistle blew and it was time for us all to leave.
  • Once at home, Anderson and Campbell had a bit more school to do along with a few more chores.  Then we started our afternoon nap time-movies, snack and some downtime for everyone.  I even sat down for a few minutes and "rested my eyes" until someone needed my help in the bathroom!
  • Then it was time for supper-Robby arrived home just before Nonna, Pops and Jason came over to help close the celebration of Graham's birthday.  Nonna brought pizza and a huge cupcake for Graham.  They stayted after supper and played for a bit with the kids.  When they headed home, we went to work around here and soon all of my people were sleeping quietly.  (Actually, they were wired and it took a long, long time for the kids to be quiet and finally go to bed-that is an occasional con of having 5 kids sleep in the same bedroom) 
  • My entertainment this evening was Robby in the kitchen.  I was sitting quietly in the living room working on my blog when I heard a crash and kabang.  I asked what that was and Robby said that he had dropped his coke.  I thought nothing of that until I heard the sound a coke bottle opening, the sounds of spewing and then the sounds of something splattering.  Robby apparently thought that it was okay to try to open the 2 liter that he had just dropped on the floor.  Of course this led to a good while of mopping the floor, doing another load of laundry, wiping down the counters, cabinets and front of the fridge.  Poor Robby had just had a shower and had to change his clothes completely-his main complaint was that he got coke up his nose!

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