July 31, 2015-Dallas

Fun day at Six Flags!
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I do believe that we could have slept until 10 this morning and the reason is because of those clothes pins.  Yep, our clothes pins on the hotel drapes block out every single inch of daylight.  I bet you made fun of my lengthy packing list but not now!  And to redeem myself, I did in fact have a stow away toothpaste in the car so we didn't have to stop some place and pick some up today (though we certainly are running low on toothpaste at home and it would not hurt at all for me to come across a great toothpaste sale-maybe at Ikea tomorrow since they have everything else!)

Anyway, we didn't sleep until 10 but just until 8 and then we scurried around to make it to breakfast in time.  When we sat down for breakfast, Reagan needed to use the bathroom but the downstairs one was locked, so she kept checking on that until it was finally open.  Keaton and Campbell also had to visit the bathroom.  Robby ran upstairs to get our doughnuts from back home so we could finish them off (we had some extras but we knew they would fry today in the car at Six Flags).  He was gone forever-long enough that I started to wonder where he was.  He finally returned with all of our luggage on a cart and went to load the car.  Whitman still really needs a highchair when we eat just mainly to contain him.  Needless to say, breakfast was hectic this morning especially when you throw in the fact that there was a Dennie kid at the juice machine every 24 seconds-we never have juice at home so juice is a big, big treat.

Robby had parked in the shade last night when we went into the hotel so the car was pleasant this morning and it wasn't that bad as we loaded up.  The shade can be so deceiving because when we stepped out of the car at Six Flags, we knew it was going to be a hot, hot day.  I joined the hoards of others spraying and rubbing on sun screen on the kids and myself.  

I guess I will stop here and just talk about the heat today.  If I was starting a diet tomorrow would be the day to do it because I have sweated at least 5 pounds of sweat off of my body today.  You can see by the pictures that our faces are red and sweaty but the shade was decent and we definitely stayed hydrated.  Robby bought a refillable cup and we made use of the free refills-seriously he refilled it at least 25 times.  Sometimes, he would hand it to us and we suck it dry and he would turn right around and ask for another refill.  

Back to the start of our day-the park has a Discover card entrance so Robby flashed his card and we bypassed a huge line of folks waiting to enter the park.  We headed over to a  toboggan type ride that Reagan, Anderson, Graham and I did.  You may notice Campbell in the pictures but she chickened out right after the pictures.  I didn't realize that she could have sat right in front of me or I might could have convinced her to ride it with us.

After that ride, we walked to the pirate ship and they let all of us on that ride-even Whitman.  The big 3 sat on the end and waved at the rest of us who were all sitting in the middle.  Whitman was not fond of this ride at all and was a bit teary eyed which caused Keaton to become upset.  But when we left the boat, I asked if he liked it and he said yes.

Next stop was the Texas Giant for the big 3.  I am amazed that we can just send them off and they will do these crazy rides by themselves.  Robby or I still like an occasional roller coaster but why push it!  I didn't ride the Texas Giant or any other roller coaster until high school (I think that was actually my first real roller coaster and when I was on it, I wedged my legs under the seat in front of me because I was terrified and ended up with huge bruises on my legs.)

They loved the Giant and we even let them do it again.  While they were doing that ride, Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and I rode up the up and down boot.  It was like the Silver Dollar City frogs but the bounce was 10 times worse!  They loved it and we rode it a few times.  Then we all took the train around the park and arrived back just as the others did from the roller coaster.

Next stop was the Model T driving cars.  We all rode those with Keaton driving my car (that was a trip), Graham driving Robby's car and Reagan and Anderson were behind my car.  Halfway through I told them to switch thinking the non-driver would lean over and drive but nope, they switched places!  Robby and Campbell did this ride again so she could have her turn driving and the big 3 went off to do another crazy roller coaster-this one had 2 loops and Graham almost chickened out on this one.

By this time, we were really hot and needed to cool off and eat some lunch (I really hadn't had much breakfast so I sure needed something).  Robby bought us two burgers and some fries and we ate a little bit, cooled off and then carried on.  I will tell you from here on, the day is fuzzy to me and I will probably forget some of our stops but I will do my best.

We sat down and watched a show-the main reason was because when we walked by the doors, we could feel the air conditioner and it must have been 50 degrees in the theater-it was wonderful.  Afterwards, we rode the Mine Train-Campbell bumped her head at the start and cried the entire time. Then we showed the big kids the single ride line and they were able to ride a spinny type roller coaster along with a batman shooting ride that Graham really wanted to ride.  

Meanwhile, it was swings for Campbell and the mini mine train with Keaton and Campbell.  They managed to ride that one at least 3 times.  The Judge Roy Scream was next up-this used to by my favorite and it was still good except it was pretty shakey.  I am older now and my head can not take all of that shaking anymore!  Campbell who was terrified on the mine train loved that roller coaster-when I told them that they could go again but I was not, they all did.  I asked Campbell why that wasn't scary like the mine train and she said "maybe I like the mine train now."

After that, Reagan, Anderson and Graham lost all sense and went on the swings that raise them a zillion stories high.  I am their mother and I probably should have put a stop to that foolishness but I did not-I went and road a balloon ride with the girls while Robby and Whitman went to a country music show while waiting on them to finish their ride.

Next up was the lost mine and then a sombrero ride for most everyone (not Keaton and Whitman). We capped off the day at Six Flags with the carousel ride for everyone and then we headed to the exit.  It was after 7 tonight when we left the park and we easily could have stayed until 10 but why make it a late night if we didn't have too.  The kids were fine with leaving because Robby promised them ice cream.  

We drove by the Rangers playing ball and then the Cowboys stadium before stopping at Mad Mikes for some delicious ice cream.  It was really, really good-I had apple pie ice cream and shared mine with Whitman.  He was okay with this but when Robby sat down, Whitman said "where's mine?"

Then we needed some supper-we wanted for it to be a quick and light supper and thought 7-11 hot dogs would do the trick.  Robby ran into one and they only had 2 cooking and the man said he couldn't make any more.  He ran into 7-11 number 2 and they were also out of hot dogs.  When we left the third 7-11 without supper, it was almost comical.  He probably should have just bought what they had at each place and we would have eventually made a meal out of it since there are 7-11s on every corner here.  I guess most gas stations don't cook 8 hot dogs at 9:00 at night-I just don't see why not! Ha!

We finally found our supper at McDonalds-the natives were getting restless and we continued to get closer and closer to the hotel and needed something to eat.  Once we made it to the hotel, the kids could not get over that this was actually our hotel.  When we walked in, Campbell said "I want to work at a place like this."  We are at an Embassy tonight and it is older but still nice-nice enough that Campbell wants to work here.  Reagan has already said tonight that she too, wants to work at some place nice-like a nice McDonalds or a nice Arbys.  Maybe I need to do some career education with the kiddos.

We unloaded in our room and then started on showers.  Whitman can not sleep in the bathroom tonight (his pack n play will not fit) so he is in the hotel hallway-he will be fine out there, surely?  idding, mom.  He is actually in the front room with Anderson who is sleeping on the pull out bed.  Everyone is sleeping now and hopefully those clothes pins will do the trick tomorrow morning as well!

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