July 28, 2015

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  • Campbell started coughing this morning right before seven.  I was already awake because my alarm clock had been buzzing off and on since 6:15.  It was beckoning me to climb on that treadmill but I resisted the urge and laid in bed until Campbell came downstairs right at 7.
  • I stumbled around this morning doing a bit of laundry (it will never end) and then made everyone some cinnamon toast.  We read some at breakfast and then the kids started on thier school work.
  • They were just doing almost half of their real school days work today.  Graham had asked if he could play for 5 minutes between his boxes and I said sure.  I had already explained to my boys that they were going to be responsible for finishing their own school work and if they didn't in the morning, then they could certainly do it during movie and kindle time.  About 10:30, I realized that Anderson had only finished one box-2 and a half hours and all he did was typing!  Gracious me!
  • Even though we have had our soft opening of school, we still haven't thrown in our history or science or even our memory work.  The real first week is next week so I better make their signs to hold (first day of 4th grade, etc) so things can be official.
  • At lunch, we did some more reading and then started on a few chores before our afternoon.  I spend most of the afternoon packing for our quick trip to Dallas and back.  Even though we will be gone for only 2 nights, I am taking about the same amount of stuff that we did for our 18 night trip.  Packing was much easier this time-I should just stay packed!
  • The kids had a really good day today compared to yesterday but they started getting louder and louder this afternoon.  I finally had to turn off the movies and tell everyone to go upstairs and play.  Of course no one complained and they played happily for about an hour...but I felt bad about sending them upstairs since it was 84 up there!  Our upstairs air can not keep up on hot days (downstairs you could hang meat!)
  • Robby was home just in time for us to load up and head down the road to the Wilson's house.  They have camp staffers staying with them this week so they had some extra food and needed some people to help them eat it-and they thought of us!  We ate and then they made us walk before we could get brownies!  Whitman happily rode in the stroller while the boys counted down the minutes until dessert and the girls painted fingernails.  
  • We stayed until it was too late and when we came home, I was holding the pan of brownies and whacked Whitman right in the eye.  He ended up having a tiny cut but will probably have a black eye tomorrow!  Poor thing didn't cry for long-only really when I tried to wipe it.  But he was happy to search for his deer before bedtime (last night we saw 6 but tonight there were none!)

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