July 27, 2015

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  • For some reason my alarm that went off at 6:15 this morning sounds like the horn of a Model T.  I am pretty certain that I would never choose that sound for my alarm-much less the first thing that I hear in the morning.  There are lots of little hands on my phone these days and it is actually like they have taken it over.  I used to have a kindle too but now it is Keaton's kindle.  I am working very hard at keeping my computer just to myself and to no one else.  
  • Everyone must have been up early this morning becuase when I came down from the treadmill, people were already noisy and ready for breakfast. We ate and then started on our bit of school for the day.
  • School was going wonderfully until I checked Graham's math.  He had skipped a problem so I asked for him to do it and the child told me that he had done that math problem.  I was looking right at it, he was looking right at it-it was blank.  This did not go over very well with me at all!  Nor did he telling me that we eat lunch at 11 and then proceeding to whine and tell me that he was hungry until lunch was finally served (at the usual time of 12!)  He did finally pull himself together and the rest of his day was fine.
  • After eating lunch, we did a few quick chores and then headed to Beebee's place to see her.  I was pretty sure that we had plenty of time to see Beebee, stop by the library and then make it to the pool by 2-apparently I am not good at math!  It was 3 by the time we made it to the pool but I was very pleased with my kiddos and their behavior with Beebee.
  • Everyone talked to her and didn't gorge themselves on her candy.  Whitman didn't scream at all (I think he must be sick!) and we were given no dirty looks by the workers-it was a good visit!  Then a quick run into the library to pick up some books.
  • We made it at the pool and soon Grannymom joined us and then Jenna.  Those two went to work on Keaton and her swimming.  She can put her head under the water, kick her feet and move her arms but she is still a bit timid.  She did go down the slide without her floatees and Jenna caught her immediately but later, Keaton said "I will never do that again."
  • We stayed until the pool closed (just 5) but my Whitman was ready to go soon after Grannymom left.  He just wanted for me to hold him or he sat in the chair still as he could be.  Once we made it home, I could tell that my baby was a bit warm so tonight I did give him a bit of tylenol.  And just a reminder-he is the best baby ever-he just swallowed all of that nasty medicine as happily as he could be.
  • We arrived home just as Robby did.  The kids ran outside to play with Graham's new birthday present from Josh and Zach and then it was showers for all.  Robby then made his waffles and everyone ate and ate. 
  • After the kitchen and the toy room were cleaned, we sat down to watch Herbie the movie.  It was pretty good but I was cuddling with Whitman and Keaton and soon was sound asleep during most of the movie.  I think that the kids enjoyed it since Anderson was asking to watch the other Herbies.  

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