July 22, 2015

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  • Two down and four to go! Graham asked Jesus into his heart tonight.  He had mentioned it back in January at the same time that Anderson did but we weren't too sure if he was just wanting to do it becuase his brother just did so we held him off for a bit.  Today he asked me again and I said certainly and we would wait on Robby to get home.  Before bed, Robby and he went outside to talk and that boy came back in grinning from ear to ear.
  • This morning the kids were up and playing their kindles before we made it out of bed-the odd thing about that is the kindles were in Robby's locked office.  Campell had Reagan open the door-which means the had to use a pillow to knock down the key from the doorframe and then carefully unlock the door.  Those silly kindle addicted kids-Whitman is the most addicted of all of my kiddos! 
  • After breakfast, we started on a tiny bit of school-just enough for me to realize that I am in no way going to be able to get all of our schooling done each day.  Dennie school will have to last until midnight! Hopefully, I can get things figured out or I will have to start waking Reagan up at 3 in the morning so I can work with her.
  • We also had a few chores to do this morning and I asked Campbell and Keaton to empty all of the trash cans.  I know that we do have quite a few trash cans but my girls can usually do a good job-not today!  After about an hour, they had finished emptying 2 trash cans-I made it clear that trash cans were to by emptied quickly because we are were about to leave.  This helped some but I am not sure that all, even most, of my trash cans are emptied today-oh well, our trash outside is already full and there will always be next week.
  • At 11, we made it to the pool and the kids enjoyed playing with the Kamps until it was time for us to go home.  My Graham got a little bit tired and saw me putting clothes on Whitman so he quickly jumped out of the pool ready to leave.  The kids acted much better at the pool today-no tag game was the reason why!
  • Back at home, the afternoon was pretty much the same as usual-movies, snack, rest and even a bit of treadmill time for me (yes, that was unusual).  I watched Pioneer Woman while I was on the treadmill so when I was finished, I wrote down all of the recipes that I wanted to make.
  • Robby made it home in time for supper and we all ate and then pretty much did nothing for the rest of the evening.  We did cap off the evening by watching some of the pictures from our trip and then bedtime and Bible story.

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