July 16, 2015

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  • Day 4 of camp and Reagan, Alyssa Kate, Caroline, Anderson and Graham were up in time to grab their breakfast before leaving for the day.  Even though they were up early, they were all still tired.  My Graham was in tears as least twice this morning-he wanted to sleep!  I told him that he could stay home if he wanted to but of course that was not an option to him.  
  • Robby dropped everyone off while I stayed here and worked.  This was the second morning for me to have without anyone in the house and it is pretty crazy.  I really could get everything accomplished every single day if the kids didn't wake up until 10 each morning...of course that would push school back until almost supper time. It was super quiet so I was super productive but I was a tad bit lonely.
  • Around one, I left for Nonna's house to pick up my little people.  I was missing those little people.  I had a bit of time to play there before we loaded up for our trip to the country.  Family Farm had a parent day thing so we fought the traffic and headed that way.
  • We arrived and found the lodge where they were going to do their program.  Then we walked around a bit and petted a few animals over the fence.  Campbell looked hard for any brothers and sisters but we could never see one.  We looked at the canoes and at the kids fishing but we couldn't find them-though we didn't look to far since we didn't want to venture out too far in the sun.
  • Soon the program started and we sat down on the floor so we could see better.  The kids sang some silly songs, sang some worship songs and then each group did a skit.  Whitman really enjoyed the songs with clapping and jumping up and down.  Campbell and Keaton were pretty tired and took turns sitting in my lap-towards the end, I almost thougth that one of my girls might just fall asleep.
  • After the program, I quickly found Graham's group and signed him out, then found the Anderson and Cash's group.  It took me a bit longer to find Caroline's group and Reagan, Alyssa Kate and Lilli had to come and find me!  We had gotten sidetracked by the bathrooms.
  • Then I let everyone spend a few minutes in the petting zoo-chickens, cats, horses, cats, goat, cats, cats-did I mention cats?  Oh the kids held those animals and held those animals-I made sure that everyone washed their hands before we left.  (I even brought Anderson's breather so he could hold as many cats as he wanted.)
  • When I finally loaded up my 10 charges, we headed back to the big city but a stop at a gas station first for icees was necessary.  Note to self: 10 kids is too many to take in a gas station by yourself!  We tied up the icee machine for a few minutes creating a line but everyone stayed close by and even though we garnished a few stares, all did go fairly well (and I counted twice when we climbed back in the car.)
  • Candice picked up the girls and then my crew and Lilli and Cash played for a few minutes at Sonic.  Sweaty kids make the sand very sticky-poor Whitman had a cup full of sand in his diaper when he showered tonight.  After playing, we headed home and the kids were immediately sent to the showers.  
  • After showers we ate leftover pizza and then the kids had a bit of downtime.  They played their kindles and it wasn't too long before Robby started counting down the time until bed.  My crew was tired-19 days of vacation followed by 4 days of camp makes for a tired Dennie bunch!  Hopefully they will all sleep well tonight!

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