July 19, 2015

"Watch this!"
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  • After missing 3 Sundays, I think we were all ready to get back into the swing of things at church.  Well, maybe one of us wasn't so ready-Whitman!  As Robby was dressing him this morning, Robby asked "Do you want to go to church?" and my baby was quick to reply "No!"  And no, he didn't.  As I was dropping him off in his class, a set of screaming twins were dropped off right in front of us.  Then the teacher had to pry a screaming and flailing Whitman off of me.  
  • Anderson told me that big church seemed like just 10 minutes today and I would pretty much agree-I didn't even have time to make my mental to-do list.  (Just keeping it real!)  Then it was Sunday school time and our class only had 8 kiddos so that was nice especially since I was a bit under prepared.  
  • Lunch at home this week and then a bit of laundry (a bit of laundry being an understatement). Then I thought since Whitman was napping, the kids were watching a movie and Robby was passed out or sleeping in the floor, I should lay down too.  It wasn't 3 minutes and Keaton and Campbell were in there trying to drop off their baby at school.  I looked at them and told them that it was nap time at the day care and if their baby stayed, she would have to sleep.  I guess the baby didn't stay at school long because the baby was gone when I woke up.
  • We finally woke up from our naps enough to load everyone up and head to the pool for a bit. The cousins were there so my kids were in heaven.  We swam, Dana picked up pizza, we swam some more and then it was time to come home.  It was hot out there today-if you were not in the shade then you had to be in the water.  
  • Once at home, it was showers for everyone and a drink for all (mainly to help Graham take his medicine without complaint) and then it was bedtime for all my people.  I am trying to work up the nerve to suggest that we do a days work of school this week (just one day of school during one week of summer vacation) but maybe not!

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