July 24, 2015

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  • We pretended that this morning was Saturday until Robby finally decided that he should get up and go to work like a grown up.  I was hoping that we could just have a do nothing day but instead I opted to get up and start our day.
  • Before breakfast, the boys played with their remote control cars outside for a while.  Breakfast included banana bread today and the big news was that Anderson tried some.  That boy never really branches out to try new things so this was a big deal.  
  • Then it was time to do a little bit more school-we are trying to start this year gradually.  Today everyone had 4 boxes to do.  Surprisingly, the kids did well-ish.  Everyone had math to do so that was a shocker not having worked on their real math for well over a month.  Reagan had the hardest-division with remainders-so I had to sit near her for most of her work.  But the only other things she had left was working with me.  
  • Campbell begged me to pull out more school work for her so I figured why not.  She was quickly finished with what I gave her and asked for more and then she asked to paint and then she just pulled out the chalkboard and went to town with the chalk.  Campbell and Keaton will be my wild cards during school this year!  I know I can always distract Whitman with a Thomas movie if I need to or tempt him upstairs to play with his train tracks for a few minutes of quiet.
  • We had lunch out on the patio-the kids had asked to eat out there so why not-even though it was 100 degrees.  Thankfully, it was shady and I only started to get hot as we were on the last page of our chapter that we were reading.  Then it was back inside for a quick pick up of the house and then back outside for minute.
  • Months ago our homeschool friends came over and we made chairs out of newspapers.  Since then Graham has been working on a stool made out of newspaper so today was the day that we spray painted it (I am also spray painting some birds) so we went out and did a bit of painting.  This time we did get hot pretty quickly so we came inside to the living room for the afternoon.
  • During the afternoon, I was so cold that I had Keaton and Campbell cuddle up with me so I could get warm (I was also too lazy to get the blanket out of the trunk that my feet rested upon)  We snuggled and were just about asleep when someone said "is that Daddy?" and indeed it was.
  • Soon after Robby arrived home, it was time to leave for a birthday party.  The kids enjoyed swimming and swimming at another pool was fun for them.  Campbell was pleased to show me that she could swim the entire lenght of the pool and Whitman did the same-that is probably why that child was so exhausted tonight!

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