Dennie Kids: March 1, 2011

Gotta love 'em!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Oh, Graham talks big about going into class without a fuss so he can get his gift from Grannymom but that didn’t happen.  He did tell Mom on the way home that he fussed, she told him they couldn’t get the present, he continued with telling how he stopped fussing, she said still no gift and then he recanted his story and said he didn’t fuss at all
  • Reagan and Anderson had good days at school-parent teacher conferences for both of them are Thursday and that will be very interesting (especially Anderson’s conference).  Nonna picked them up from school and Anderson wanted to ride the bike outside by himself and Reagan spent most of her time picking a large bouquet of daffodils.  They are pretty and she will have to enjoy them quickly because Anderson and Dad will start sneezing and sniffing soon
  • Mom picked up Campbell and Graham.  When we came home, they had a cupcake and then Graham told Mom about having one at school too for Libby’s birthday.  Mom noticed that Campbell had on two shirts and couldn’t figure out why Dad had done that.  Mom had laid out a white shirt instead of Campbell’s white pants so that is what he put on her. 
  • Graham, Campbell and Mom spent some time outside, played train and then put Campbell to bed.  Mom and Graham watched a movie (Graham watched, Mom snoozed-she can only take so much Mickey Mouse)  Soon Reagan and Anderson came home.  They only wanted to do two things-play cars and talk about weddings (guess who wanted to do what)
  • Nonna had to tell, retell and retell a story about her little toy monkey.  Reagan asked a zillion questions, Anderson sat up straight and listened intently and Graham took it all in.  After she left, we played some, watched a movie, read a few books and got supper ready.
  • After supper, the kids played-Campbell is so good at playing and loves to play pretend food with Reagan.  Dad took everyone's monthly pictures and video and soon enough it was time for bed.  Graham had decided that he can’t see at night (despite his two nightlights).  Dad helped open his eyes with the spoon!

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