October 1, 2013

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Creative bedding by Anderson

(click here for pictures from Graham's football game on Saturday - compliments of Kristi Hawkins)

  • So this morning, Robby heard Campbell on the monitor and went up to get her ready for school.  He had already heard someone in the toy room playing but when he went upstairs, no one was in the toy room and all the beds were full.  He could see toys out and looked around to see Anderson laying very still in his bed.  Robby knew Anderson had been the one up and told him that it was okay if he was in the toy room since he was being quiet.  That little stinker was going to act like he hadn't been up though-coming back to bed and laying still.  Where do these kids learn stuff like this?
  • School day for Campbell-she just loves school.  Seriously, that girl loves school-she will be thrilled next year when she gets to go 3 days and not just 2.  She and Robby left and the rest of us where already stirring and starting on breakfast and school.
  • It takes a while to get everyone ready to start anything in the mornings-school or even breakfast.  Waking Keaton up, changing her diaper, going up to wake Whitman up and changing his diaper seems like it takes forever (though I am sure it is just minutes).  Now to Anderson is probably really does feel like forever since he is always "starving" at breakfast time.
  • School went well today.  Today was the last day of school for the week.  I figured that we couldn't squeeze it in the next two days.  Well, we could have probably squeezed it in but it wouldn't have been pretty and I have other things I need to do.  Don't worry though, I promise we will finish all of our stuff this year!....maybe still doing school in July but we will finish!  
  • We even had time to read our science before lunch.  The kids were listening and everything was going well-and then I just got bored.  I decided I didn't care much about what we were reading about (the gastroesophageal spincter-yep, seriously) and wanted to do an experiment.  And would you believe after cutting science short, I forgot to do that silly experiment.
  • Grannymom picked up Campbell from school and they had a big afternoon.  I think the highlight was Campbell getting to see Lilly and Cash.  Campbell said that Cash gave her a piggy back ride and then she gave him one.  
  • This afternoon, I packed before Keaton's nap and then after Keaton's nap.  I think that I am caught up to where I should be-at least I hope so!  I let the kids do a bit of packing but not too much-Reagan has too many ideas of what she wants to take and most troubling for me is what she does NOT want to take (or wear) Makes things way to difficult for me.  
  • We had hot dogs and delicious beans for supper.  Reagan finished off the pan of them and my Graham still will not touch a baked bean for anything.  Kind of tickles me but I guess after that make you sick a few times you learn your lesson.  He did eat his fair share of sausage that we made as well but my vegetarian Anderson didn't have any.  I guess he isn't a strict vegetarian since he did eat his hot dog.  
  • The kids were pretty rowdy all afternoon and evening.  And this house can get loud-crazy loud-and that is even when everyone is happy.  Nonna said that the other day, Campbell was at her house and said "it is quiet here."  
  • Nonna and Pops delivered a few clothes that she washed for us.  The kids showed them their kindles while Robby and I went outside to work in the car.  We had to get the monster of a back seat back up and into the car.  Well, Robby did all of that and I just guided it.  The car seats are all in order, cleaned and ready for the trip.  
  • Campbell was the one who took the longest to go to sleep tonight.  We can hear her kicking the wall as she turns from end to end.  Poor Reagan laying underneath her!   

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