August 1, 2015-Dallas

One more ice cream stop before arriving home!
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My clothes pins did the trick and they would have done an even better job if Campbell had been sleeping at her grandma's house.  That child woke up at seven and climbed in bed with me and then proceeded to whisper loudly until all of us were awake.  

During this time, Keaton ended up in bed with me and even went back to sleep.  How she could go back to sleep with Campbell counting, singing and doing some math right beside her, I will never know.  Soon we were all awake and dressed to head downstairs for breakfast.

If you remember me saying that I was looking forward to the breakfast at Embassy this morning, then nevermind!  Breakfast probably would have been nice if we had arrived right when it opened, if the layout had been different or possibly if three to four hundred less people were there.  It was crazy crowded-like not even worth staying.  Actually if it would have been just Robby and I we would have headed elsewhere to eat.  

But since the kids were with us, we pressed on and all jumped into the line.  We couldn't even get to the omelet station so we opted for the hot breakfast.  We were able to grab some fruit and yogurt while in this line and we all did fill our plates with the hot breakfast (eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes).  We made sure that everyone got enough on their plates to start off with because there would be no getting back into the line (and it even became longer.) 

We were able to fill our tummys though and everyone ate and drank that blessed orange juice.  Then it was time to leave the hotel-at this point in our trip, Reagan realized that we were going home today. She could not believe it-only 2 nights!  Yesterday was the kids day with spending all day at Six Flags and today was my day-Ikea!  

We didn't get to spend all day at Ikea today-I could have stayed a little bit longer-but we did find quite a few goodies to bring home.  What did we bring home, you ask...a new lamp for beside my bed (a football broke my other one), 2 power cords, 2 plug thingys (Robby picked those up), scissors, napkins, straws, 2 bins and hooks.  I do believe that is all but even that quickly adds up.  We did find beds for the kids for their new boy and girl rooms which probably will begin to take shape sometime this winter.  

We capped off our Ikea visit with some hot dogs, ice cream and cinnamon rolls (and it was the best cinnamon roll that I have ever eaten!)  Then it was time to hit the road!  Robby drove until almost Texarkana and by that time we were in need of some nourishment (actually a potty stop too)

So Dairy Queen called our name and we split a few Blizzards before I drove the rest of the way home.  The kids spent their time playing their kindles and watching some Little House shows.  When we made it back to the house, everyone, and I mean everyone, had to run in and go potty before coming back out to help empty the car!

The kids helped us tremendously emptying the car and then putting everything away.  Robby started showers with everyone and then began fixing supper as I worked on putting up the final few things.  Then it was medicine time-medicine for a scratch on Campbell, excema on Keaton, poison ivy on Graham, bites on Anderson and tylenol and ear drops for Graham whose ear has been hurting since yesterday (I see a doctor's appointment in his future!) 

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