September 10, 2018

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  • I don't think finishing school at 7 is too bad, do you? Gracious me. It wasn't really that bad of a day. I will admit that we didn't work the entire time since I had to drop off the van, run to lunch and then pick the van back up. Let's start from the beginning...
  • Graham was the only one awake this morning. It then took a while for me to wake everyone else up even though breakfast was chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, cereal and yogurt. We finally did eat our breakfast while I read a few books.
  • Then it was time for our work together time. I try to only do all of that for an hour or so but today we did run over. I had already worked with Keaton last night so that helped me some. Campbell was the only one who didn't finish her work before I had to leave to drop off the van. I was super surprised that Anderson finished his work before lunch time. We will just see how much he really did tomorrow when I double check everything.
  • When I returned, we all worked together for a bit longer-there was more reading, Jr. Ranger books, EAST for the big kids, reading with the littles and working with Whitman. I hadn't finished with Whitman when Robby came to tell me that it was time to pick up the van.
  • We headed out and were soon back. I jumped on the treadmill and meanwhile Robby made supper. I finished just in time to grab a bite to eat. The kids helped clean up the house for a bit while we cleaned up the supper dishes.
  • Reagan spent a good bit of time working on a birthday banner for herself. Her birthday preparations are in full swing. 
  • That is when I finally sat down with finish Whitman's daily reading. It was late, but I still had time to pack a few things for our upcoming trip before we all sat down to watch the Bates.

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