September 7, 2018

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  • I was scrambling around this morning since I have been making muffins on Fridays for breakfast. This morning though I was a bit later than usual since I did sleep in. On my behalf though, I was still the first one awake. I did have a few cans of expired cinnamon rolls that I yanked out of the fridge and shoved in the oven before waking up the crew.
  • They killed hunger even though I didn't cook them long enough. I had baked them an extra 5 minutes yet they still didn't seem to finish, and we definitely needed to get the day started.
  • I thought this day might be a little easier since Campbell, Keaton and Graham had very little school work. They still all had to work with me which takes some time. Campbell works with me the longest, and we have 6 things to do together (multiplication tables, history, reading, grammar, spelling and another grammar).
  • I have also let my guard down on Whitman. That boy has learned to just disappear during the school day. It was 11:30 today, and he still had his phonics to do. That is his hardest thing so his bit sisters decided to help him. I am not sure how much help they gave him because I think they pretty much did it for him. 
  • Anderson was the only one still working after lunch. We all read, did some chores, finished another Jr. Ranger book and all 3 big kids finished their East homework for the week. I headed up to the treadmill while the Campbell and Whitman were working on a fort.
  • Robby made the kids supper while I finished up. Then we dropped the boys off at basketball, and Whitman off at Grannymom's house for the night. Robby and I went out to eat by ourselves! On the way home, we picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a snack tonight.
  • When basketball was over, Cash came home with us to spend the night and we devoured a box of doughnuts! The kids all zoned out this evening on their devices while Reagan worked on making a sign. She has grand plans to sell it so hopefully that works out!

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