September 16, 2018

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  • So last night, I think that it was nearly 1 when I went upstairs to tell the girls that it was really bedtime. I then went downstairs to continue reading my book, which I had just started during the night. I had planned on going back up to lay down the law to anyone who was still awake at 1:30, but instead I read until I finished my book until 2. 
  • I then waked up the stairs to see if anyone was awake. I stayed on the steps for a long while waiting to hear anything and surprisingly I didn't. They must have been asleep, or they were very quiet. 
  • At 7, I stirred as Robby was leaving to pick up the other kids and doughnuts. I decided that I better wake up the kids before feeding my animals. Reagan was already in the restroom, but the rest of the girls began stirring quickly when I opened the blinds. 
  • I walked down the road to feed my animals one last time. I was grateful that they all looked alive and well after having to depend on me for a few days. This afternoon Campbell and Keaton delivered the neighbors mail. They gave Campbell a 20 dollar bill, and she came home thinking that she would get all of it. Unfortunately, I reminded her that other folks did help. She was not too pleased but will still end up with half of it once I split it up tomorrow.
  • Robby was soon home with the others and with doughnuts. The girls ate as soon as they were ready. There was lots of hair curling and eye shadowing upstairs so I was surprised when everyone was ready to go on time. I probably did help that I was shouting how many minutes were left every 10 minutes.
  • At church, most of the girls ended up sitting above us in the balcony. I wasn't too crazy about that since I would like to be able to keep my eyes on her. After big church, everyone headed off to Sunday school. Robby and I were the only teachers in our class today so the hour went by really quickly.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house. She had oreo delight to celebrate Robby and Reagan's birthdays. Reagan opened up a letter board, calligraphy pens and some cash. Robby received another fan along with a gift card or two. It was a pretty good end to Reagan's birthday celebration and beginning of Robby's birthday celebration.
  • After we ate lunch, the kids played for a bit before we headed home. After 2 short nights in a row, all I could focus on during church was my afternoon nap and it did not disappoint. We finally woke up in time to send Reagan off to her Life Group.
  • While she was gone, I pulled out school for the next two days and for the week when we return from our little trip. We also fed everyone before Robby headed off to pick up Reagan. The kids waited anxiously for their return, because soon after they came home we set up another popcorn bar for everyone.
  • The boys were the most bummed about missing our popcorn bar last night. It wasn't really too elaborate since we just had popcorn along with chocolate chips, marshmallows, some crunchy cereal, m and ms, skittles and possibly some other candy but I can't remember what else! Everyone filled their bowl with popcorn and then added lots of toppings. It was quite fun, and Robby and I even had a bowl full before our bowl full of ice cream once the kids went to bed!

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