September 6, 2018

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  • Thursday morning and things went well. Laundry had been done the night before. I walked on the treadmill and emptied dishes before Graham had asked me a single question about his school work. He was downstairs right at 7 already working on his school work. 
  • I still had to work hard to wake everyone up this morning. I have found that if I stay upstairs talking to someone about some upcoming event or something exciting, then the others will wake up a bit easier because they are curious as to what we are talking about.
  • Everyone ate their breakfast, and then we started on our work together and daily school work. I seemed to be scrambling most of the day to catch up and to urge people to work on. Now, Keaton did finish today's work and tomorrow's as well. Campbell was still doing work today at 4, but she ended up doing most of her work for tomorrow too. I did try to explain that maybe next time she should finish one day's work before starting on the next day's work!
  • Around lunch, I headed off to get my hair cut. Most everyone was done with their school, and by the time that I made it back home everyone was almost done with school. The big 3 still have quite a bit of work to do on their EAST stuff. They hopefully can finish tomorrow.
  • I was home a bit and soon headed out again to meet the homeschool moms for some year long planning. We did talk about making a newspaper this next year which I am pretty excited about. 
  • While I was gone, Robby made everyone supper. They even completed the laundry and did the dishes. Tomorrow morning should go splendid with all of my first chores already finished.
  • I arrived home just as everyone was heading to bed. I kissed the crew goodnight and then had a bit of time for a show and some reading and very possibly some cookie dough.

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