September 5, 2018

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  • When I went up the stairs towards the treadmill, I heard Campbell (I thought-though it was actually Reagan) coughing. I think that those girls were already awake because when I went to start waking everyone up, the girls' ipads were already gone. They were all in the bedroom, dressed and ready to head to the first day of CBS. I guess they were a wee bit excited!
  • I do believe that everyone had a good day at CBS. Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Keaton are all in the same classes. There are lots of new people so they will have many new friends. Anderson is now in the Jr. CBS program and would be with Reagan's class, but they have divided it into boys and girls. Whitman is now in Keaton's class with her and will be in that room for the next two years.
  • I have the same leader that I have had before. This is our 6th year of CBS. I know two people in my class, and I am really excited about our study of Genesis. I think it will be very interesting. 
  • Afterwards, we met our crew at the park. The kids enjoyed playing for a good while until we headed home. It was pleasant but was still a bit warm outside. 
  • Reagan went home with Kennedy for the afternoon, and I made the rest of the kids come home and do some work. The boys both did some of their EAST stuff. Everyone did two things of school. Bless Campbell last week she multiplied two double digit numbers and did it very well. This week she is multiplying a triple digit number with a double digit number, and it is not easy at all for her!
  • I also did some reading with everyone and even had a few minutes to sit down before loading up for church tonight. The kids all have lots of fun in their classes. Keaton and Campbell are the only ones who have to say verses. They both worked and worked on their different verses this week. Keaton could also earn bonus bucks by saying the fruits of the spirit which she knew. Now, Campbell could earn bucks by saying the 12 tribes of Israel. We put them to song and practiced, but I didn't think there was any way that she could say them tonight. Sure enough she did. In case you are wondering some of them are - Judah, Benjamin, Isachar, Dan, Gad, Nepthali, and a few other guys!
  • Once we all made it home, the kids had showers and then a bit of ice cream before bed. It was a pretty busy but pretty good day.

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