September 3, 2018

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  • No one was really quick to stir this morning. We heard the kids before we saw them. Whitman did come into our room sometime during the morning hours holding a gigantic cup of milk. He wanted me to put the lid on it. It was absolutely huge-so huge that I am not really sure where they found the cup or if it is even ours.
  • I had three mounds of huge laundry in the floor of our bedroom this morning, so my first stop was to work on them. It didn't take too incredibly long but gracious me, laundry never seems to end. Right now, we have one load in the dryer, and two loads in the washers, plus there is already enough wet towels to do another load. 
  • Robby and I both did our treadmill time this morning. When that was over, it was allowance passing out time. Since all of this was new, everyone counted their current cash. Then they put some of that in their long term savings. Each of these steps were carefully recorded on their ledgers. 
  • Then the excitement began-they received their first allowance. Robby already realized but this allowance passing out might just break us! Once the allowance was passed out, everyone had to put their tithe money in an envelope, put their savings in that envelope and carefully record all of that. It was pretty tedious work for some of the kids.
  • Afterwards, we ate our lunch and then had a bit of downtime before the pool. Then we loaded up for our 49th visit to the pool this summer. Yes, I have kept very meticulous records, and in case you are wondering, that means that we paid 7.18 each visit and 2.93 an hour. 
  • We actually stayed for 5 hours today. Robby did run and get supper-Chinese. This was the best pool supper yet. The kids were delighted with Chinese and devoured the lo mien noodles. At the final adult swim, they did sell everything for a quarter so that was also very exciting to everyone. Most everyone came away with a drink and a bag of chips.
  • We made it home about 7:30. The kids had their showers, and then everyone helped clean up the house for a few minutes. That really helped get us ahead on our weekly chore lists. Then everyone had a few minutes to play on their ipads before bedtime.

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