September 15, 2018-Happy Birthday (party) Reagan!

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  • I slept as late as I could this morning, but the chickens were calling my name. Actually, they weren't but maybe cupcakes were calling my name. I made Reagan's second batch of cupcakes this morning and then did my chicken duty. So far my egg count is about 20 which I guess is good. It is a lot easier collecting eggs from Kroger though.
  • It wasn't too much later when I jumped in Shannon's car and headed to Vintage Market Days (I think that was the name.) It was basically booth after booth of farmhouse decor. It did make me feel a bit inadequate but was still fun. Shannon and I both took quite a few pictures of things that we can make. I am not too sure of how much we will actually make though.
  • Then it was back home for a bit. Reagan and I did start to ice her cupcakes but soon I realized that I didn't have any shortening. So later in the afternoon when Robby went to pick up Graham's watch, which he left at practice last night, he did run again to the grocery store.
  • Reagan had spent the morning working on getting things ready for her party. I can really tell that she is growing up. She had sleeping bags lined upstairs for everyone. She had cleaned her bedroom and even prepared all of the games. I almost think that she could have the party without me even being here.
  • I slept through most of the first half of the Hogs game. When I woke up, I could tell that I didn't miss very much at all. Robby and Graham were running their errand so I walked down to feed my little farm. 
  • When Robby returned, it was time to make the icing. Reagan did it 3 different colors, and it turned out so very good. She was pleased. Soon after, girls started arriving-Sara, Alyssa, Emma, Ava, Lily, Kennedy, Cate, Lochlan, Presley, and Logan. Yes, it was a very full house!
  • While everyone was arriving, Robby started on supper-spaghetti, green beans and bread. Reagan had picked out the supper, and it sure couldn't have been any easier to make. There are quite a few leftovers, but we will certainly eat them up. 
  • Next up were presents-Reagan received lots of pens, notebooks, candy, a bucket full of pineapple stuff, one of her very own sweaters (from Graham), IOUs for cookie dough (from Keaton and Campbell) and a Thomas the Train pillow (from Whitman). I do believe that she was pleased.
  • After presents, we all gathered to sing Happy Birthday to our 13 year old. She blew out her candles, and everyone had cupcakes. Soon afterwards, Robby loaded up the crew to head to Grannymom's house for the night. My two little girls would enjoy the party just way too much if they stayed her.
  • Reagan then began her games. The first one was to guess the number of skittles. Then there was a much wilder balloon tied around your ankle game which involved moving all of the furniture. Then there was a candy winning dice game that everyone enjoyed. It was fairly quiet for a good little bit. Robby was still gone dropping off the kids and picking up more drinks so it was just me and the girls. I was able to clean the kitchen and get some of the popcorn bar ready.
  • It was after 10 when we started the movie so the popcorn bar was served around 11. The girls are currently still watching the movie so hopefully, the evening will be quiet and sleep will come soon to all!

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