September 18, 2018

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  • I hit my snooze for as long as I could this morning. I could already hear Graham and Campbell working in the school room. Actually, I could hear Graham in the school room sneezing. Just like Robby does, Graham sneezed at least 20 times in a row.
  • After everyone was awake, we all grabbed breakfast and then began our school work in my bedroom. We skipped eating in the kitchen and everyone ate in my room as I read history. I did make sure that no one left in the middle of history to go to the mailbox.
  • I am not sure how this happened today, but at 11 I had finished working with everyone except for Whitman. He also had every single bit of his work left. I thought I was already learning to be patient with the other kids, but gracious I will be the most patient person in the world by the time we are finished with Whitman's kindergarten year.
  • Just like yesterday, this afternoon was also a blur-packing, school work, reading, Jr. Ranger books, more packing, treadmill-This week my afternoons have been completely full. And honestly, I would rather my afternoons be full than slower. Well now, I guess a wonderful afternoon nap would be rather nice. 
  • The neighbors have been out about 4 times since May and of course tonight they come out just about the time that we have to call them in to leave. We headed to Nonna's house for supper tonight to celebrate Robby's birthday. I had told the kids that Robby would be 43 but I think I was wrong, and he will really by 44. 
  • Pops made burgers and Nonna had pie and brownies. Afterwards, Robby opened up his presents-gift cards and some cash. The kids all played hide and seek in the dark and had a blast.
  • When we left there, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to Walmart to pick up a pair of shoes for them for the trip. Then we rushed home. I did some more packing while everyone else took their showers. Everyone did make their lunch for tomorrow, and Graham created a logo. We let them stay up late enough that Whitman was super exhausted when it was finally bedtime!

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