September 13, 2018

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  • I hit snooze a few too many times this morning. I know that I am running late when the school room seems full of people working and I am still in the bed! I wasn't incredibly late so we were able to catch up a bit.
  • Everyone had their breakfast. The kids have gotten very territorial about their breakfast stools. Campbell and Keaton desperately want to sit by Whitman and everyone else will do anything to prevent this from happening. At one time we had assigned stools that would rotate every morning. I guess that I may have to go back to that!
  • We then our reading together time. Afterwards, I have to work with each kid individually. Last year, I would struggle to find who wanted to work with me first. However, this year everyone wants to work with me first. I think they all want to get it over with, which is what I would want to do as well. Now, if you do work with me first, then you have to usually come back and fix your math with me so maybe first isn't always the best.
  • Once school was over, we had our lunch and then did a few chores. I did list everything that would have to be done tomorrow in preparation for Friday's sleepover and Saturday's birthday sleepover so their chores were a bit less today. 
  • We did some more reading in the afternoon and worked on more Jr. Ranger books. I am not sure we will ever finish all of our Jr. Ranger books! Then Anderson and Grahamd worked on their typing for East. Now, I make them do typing every single week, but no one has ever taken it this seriously before.
  • And let's talk about talking something seriously. Reagan is still working on hers. if that child doesn't complete a level with 100 percent then she does it again. That child! She also spent most of the afternoon working on tomorrow's school work. 
  • Around supper time, Campbell, Graham, Keaton and I went down to the neighbors to feed their dogs, chickens and rabbits. Keaton was so scared of the dogs that she couldn't even come in the gate (the gate that didn't even have any dogs in it!) Graham and Campbell helped with the rabbits while Anderson watrered the chickens. Then Graham and Campbell both left.
  • Anderson wasn't going to leave me there by myself. He helped me with the chickens. He kept the door to the coup guarded from escaping chickens while I collected the eggs (a dozen). Then he helped me feed the dogs who were amazingly calm. 
  • We both needed showers after our farm adventure. Then it was time to load up for Refresh at church. Reagan is now too old to go so she gladly stayed home. The others had a good time at church tonight. 
  • Once at home, we had a few minutes of downtime before everyone headed to bed. When I came downstairs, I realized that we would be awake and doing it all again in less than 12 hours...that just made me especially tired!

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