September 2, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and everyone was dressed and ready in time for us to leave a bit earlier than usual. I had to be there early because I had nursery duty with the babies during big church. 
  • We tried to get gas on the way, but Robby couldn't get his credit cards to work. After trying two pumps, he finally said that he would just have to get it after church.
  • We just had two babies in my room so it wasn't too bad. Robby said that all of the kiddos were good during church. He did say that Whitman was a bit squirmy and even agreed to an afternoon nap. Though that never happened.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. The girls played a game while Whitman worked diligently on some dominoes. After awhile, we left and headed to the gas station.
  • The car said "0 miles to Empty" for at least 2 miles on our way to Kroger. We probably did come really close to pushing that car, but thankfully we didn't have to. Robby had planned on dropping me off at the door so I could grab a few things while he pumped gas, but instead he just drove right on to the gas pumps!
  • This afternoon was full of a nap for Robby and me. The kids ate, ipad-ed and had a big time. Campbell and Keaton are on a rainbow loom kick and are making bracelets galore right now. That is fine because it is something to do that isn't just screens.
  • Around 5, we loaded up and headed to the pool for our 48th visit of the season. The Heltz and Crafts were all there. This was great for the girls because they all had buddies, but my big boys didn't have buddies. They still managed fine. We even had pizza for supper-Robby bought plenty of BBQ pizza this time so everyone was happy!
  • At one point Candice was holding Traci's baby at the pool, when Anderson asked me if he could hold the baby. He was dry, so I put the baby in his lap. After holding him for a while, Anderson leaned over to me and whispered, "I thought it would be more fun that it is." I guess holding the baby wasn't all that he thought it would be! He did later ask if we could take the baby home with us.
  • We stayed until the pool closed and once home, everyone had showers. Since tomorrow is not a school day, we did let everyone stay up a little bit later than usual. They were all quiet which usually means, the quieter you are, the longer you get to stay up.
  • What was not quiet tonight was our alarm. The kids were still up, Robby was laying in the bed reading and I was on the computer when our house alarm started going nuts. We both bolted out of bed-I did a door/window/kid check while Robby worked on silencing the alarm. I made my loop back to the bedroom about the time, he saw that it was a water alarm. 
  • So he went to the washing machine downstairs and I headed upstairs to check that washing machine and water heater. All was well on my end, and Robby just had a bit of dampness on his check. He did discover that his dryer hose had come loose, so we fixed it up and finally it was quiet in the Dennie house.

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