September 8, 2018

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  • Last night as I went to sleep, I set my alarm thinking that there would be no way that I would need it. Sure enough though, my alarm went off at 9, and I had not yet woken up. I had to run upstairs to wake up Campbell and Keaton so they could get ready for the morning.
  • I hurried through my shower and soon the girls and I were headed to Anna's birthday party. It was a panda birthday party, and my Keaton had on panda earrings. She was so excited about the party. Campbell was also excited about the party, but she was absolutely thrilled to hold baby Gabriel.
  • Robby had left this morning to go and pick up Whitman who had spend the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. They ran a few errands and made it back home before I did. Cash had slept longer than the boys this morning, but everyone enjoyed eating the leftover doughnuts for breakfast this morning.
  • We made lunch for everyone at about the same time that Camryn arrived. Campbell already had her bag packed and also headed to Laynie's house to spend the night. My Campbell doesn't get too many over night invitations so this made me supper happy.
  • I did my treadmill this afternoon while the kids bounced from in and outside. Soon it was time to load up and take Cash home. Then we scurried on to church for Date Night.
  • Robby and I had gone out to eat yesterday by ourselves, so tonight we did the next best thing-we went to Kroger. We almost filled up two carts but still had time for him to drop me off at home before going to pick up the kids.
  • I worked putting up groceries the entire time that he was gone picking them and pizza up. They had lots of fun-the boys enjoyed the big screen video games that they played. Keaton made a mug for a craft. We had heard that Whitman's group was having a luau so of course he dressed appropriately. He had lots of fun but was disappointed that they didn't "dance" (do the hula) tonight.
  • The Wilson's came over once Robby returned with the kids. They tried to help us cheer on the Hogs but it didn't work. We did all enjoy some pizza and lots of popcorn despite the loss.
  • After the game, we put everyone in bed. Reagan and Camryn are sleeping in the bonus room so that would leave Keaton alone in her room. She would never last half of the night by herself, so she is sleeping next to Whitman on the floor.

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