September 9, 2018

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  • Anderson and Graham were the first ones awake this morning. I went upstairs to wake up Camryn and Reagan, who were sound asleep. Then it was time to wake up Keaton. She had started the night in the floor by Whitman's bed and ended up in Whitman's bed. I didn't see Whitman in his bed, but later found him up against the wall in Anderson's bed. 
  • Even though we were awake in plenty of time this morning, we still barely made it into church before it begin. I had to drop of my Sunday school bag so I am not even sure if the kids were able to see the grands before church or not.
  • Sunday school was fairly uneventful until we lost a kid not once but twice from my class. It would have not been a big deal if it was a Dennie but it was not. Thankfully, we did find him, and I was probably a bit put out when speaking to his mom. 
  • Now, Campbell had spent the night with Camryn and as soon as church was out, she left with Eden for her birthday party. Campbell had a blast there and after it was over, she hung out at Caroline's house until Robby came to pick her up. So we haven't really seen to much of Campbell the last day!
  • For lunch, we went to Nonna's house. She had a birthday dinner for Reagan with lots of pork tenderloin. Reagan even had a big birthday balloon. She also opened up some pens, lots of gift cards and money! I think she was pretty pleased with the beginnings of her 13th birthday celebration week. (Yesterday, Camryn gave her a huge soft blanket for a present.)
  • This afternoon was kind of quiet. Robby and I had a nap while the kids played. When I woke up, I went to work on making breakfast burritos to put in the freezer. Anderson loves them and had just run out. 
  • Robby left to take Reagan to her first life group meeting. She is in the student ministry now-her life group is 7th-12th graders. Growing up. She didn't seem as nervous going to this as she did her first other student ministry stuff. It probably helped that Alyssa was there to walk in with her.
  • I had just pulled out pumpkin muffins out of the oven when Robby went to pick up Reagan and Alyssa. While he was gone, we straightened the house, did some laundry and put on pjs. Soon it was time for bed around here! This week will be very full!

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