September 12, 2018-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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  • I didn't have to wake the birthday girl up this morning. Campbell ran down about 7:15 to fetch some hair spray for her sister. Reagan was busy curling her straight hair. This was the second week that the girls were up early on a Wednesday primping before Bible study.
  • I was also awake early on this Wednesday. I walked on the treadmill before getting ready. Then I had time to hang our fall wreath and do some packing. When you do wake up early, you have plenty of time to accomplish things before leaving the house which is very nice.
  • Reagan had not gotten her breakfast this morning so Robby made her eggs to put on her bagel. Of course we put a candle on that bagel and sang to her. I do believe that she might truly enjoy being the center of attention especially on her birthday. (I'm kidding-she loves being the center of attention.)
  • As we headed to Bible study, I ate my weekly Wednesday bagel. Wednesday's are long days around here but my Wednesday bagels and library trips do make them a bit better. Campbell could not wait to get into Bibles study this morning because she had her snickerdoodle cookies to share with everyone. I do believe that they were a hit!
  • After Bible study, the weather was a bit iffy so we headed to St. Andrews to play because they have a wonderful pavilion that we eat our lunch under. Robby showed up after lunch with cupcakes for Reagan and Sara's birthdays. They share a birthday along with 2 other ladies at church. When Reagan found this out, she commented that all of the people born on her birthday were very pretty. I also added that they are all extremely sweet and kind people.
  • Anderson left the park with Robby to run a few errands and grab a bit of lunch. The rest of us left eventually to head home. Once at home, everyone helped me unload, did their chores and settled down for a quiet afternoon.
  • Reagan spent a good amount of time working on her typing. Campbell, Keaton and I walked down to the neighbors house because we are going to feed their animals while they are out of town (dogs, chickens and rabbits), Whitman did his reading with me, and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all worked on their Jr. Ranger books. 
  • All too soon it was time to think about leaving again. Robby took Reagan out to eat steak for her birthday. That girl loves her some steak! The rest of us headed on to the library and then to the church house. 
  • I wasn't in games tonight, instead I told the story. When Whitman saw me, he gave me the biggest hug ever. Oh, he can just melt your heart sometimes. He is definitely the most affectionate Dennie. 
  • Once we made it home, everyone had a snack. The boys had showers while Reagan and Keaton got a head start on their school work for tomorrow. 

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