September 4, 2018

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  • You would not expect the first day of school after a holiday to go well, but surprisingly it did go very well today. I was shocked, to say the list, when Anderson told me before lunch that he was finished with school. His school today was just the perfect easy day-no writing in writing, easy math, and grammar with me. He was pretty pleased with himself, and I was as well.
  • Campbell was the last one to finish her school today. I am not too sure what all she did that slowed her down, but she didn't mind having to finish a bit of stuff after lunch. I am actually surprised that Keaton wasn't the last one-for some reason, I think that everyone thought today was the day that they had to read with her. So she read with at least 3 of the big kids while trying to do her work.
  • After lunch, we finished some chores and then did some more reading. By the end of all of our daily reading-15 minutes at breakfast, an hour in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch and then 30 more minutes in the afternoon-my voice starts getting a bit hoarse!
  • Once we finished that, everyone did their Jr. Ranger books. Then it was time for me to read some with the little 3. We are reading Pippi Longstocking. Afterwards, I read to Whitman, and he did some reading. He was reading to me today, and Keaton walked by and said, "I didn't know that he could read a book." Barely, but he can!
  • Much of the afternoon was spent with Reagan, Anderson and Graham working on their stuff for their library class. Since this is their first time to do this, it is a bit difficult trying to figure things out. I hope that it becomes easier, but they still have quite a few assignments to finish this week. 
  • After the treadmill,  I played a game with the little 3. Soon Robby was home. Even though we had eaten leftovers and sandwiches for lunch, I pulled out more leftovers for supper. I did make some BBQ chicken boneless wings to go with the meal. Unfortunately, I didn't buy the boneless wings and they were real wings! Urgh! That was fine because I was able to pull off the meat, but I still have another bag of those!
  • Once supper was over, we had some downtime until we watched a Bates. Robby made two batches of popcorn though we added butter and it wasn't that great. Hopefully, we will get it all figured out. We do know how to make some yummy kettle corn, but the kids don't like that as well. Reagan wants to have a popcorn bar for her party so we will have to figure it out soon. 

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