September 22, 2018-Spur-of-the-Moment Mid West and Beyond Trip and Happy Birthday Robby!

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Dearborn, Michigan

It was exactly 5 this morning when some strange noise started happening in our room. There were plenty of options of what this could be. We have with us lots of dinging things with us-3 phones, 3 computers, 6 smart watches, and 6 ipads. Robby was by the night stand and started knocking things off of trying to find out what the noise was. I did guess that it was the phone and headed that way. Of course, I had to make my way over the landmine of children sprawled around in this room. I made it to the phone, picked it up and heard the recording telling me that this was my wake up call.

When I climbed back in bed and told Robby what the noise was, he asked why I made a wake up call for 5 in the morning. Since it is his birthday, I was kind and politely said that I did not make a wake up call for 5 in the morning….especially since it was at least 2 hours before we needed wake up.

The real alarm did ring at 7, and we were soon awake. Robby ran downstairs to throw in a load of laundry while I was in the shower. When he was unplugging watches from the nightstand, he realized that during the commotion in the night, he spilled a cup of water. That would be fine except below the nightstand Whitman was sleeping. He felt him and fortunately, no water had spilled on him!

Robby ran to put some clothes in the laundry this morning since we had a bit of extra time. Then we all put on our clothes and headed downstairs to breakfast. There were many more choices today for breakfast than yesterday. Whitman and I were the last ones to make it downstairs since we did let him snooze as long as he could.

By the time that we made it down, Robby already had us waffles made. When Robby finished cooking his waffle, we promptly stuck two candles in them. We sang Happy Birthday, and then Robby opened up an envelope full of cards from everyone.

We only had about 15 minutes to drive to Greenfield Village. Today was our 3rd trip to the village, and it did not disappoint. We had hugely talked up this day to the Heltz, and thankfully, I think that they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Even though we had seen the Heltz on Wednesday, the kids were delighted to see them today. It was like a big old family reunion. We were there before the park opened today which gave us time to get our tickets and ride passes.

The first event was riding on the train through the park. Then we walked along to ride the Model Ts. I was in the car with the 4 little people-Whitman, Michael, Charlotte and Keaton. The girls sat in the front and the boys and I were in the back. Our guide was excellent. The kids took it all in and even asked questions.

After the Model T ride, we headed towards the Porches and Parlors section of the VIllage. Henry Ford believed that children learn best by seeing and doing. So he created the Village for the kids that attended his school.

All of the houses that are there are the actual historic homes, laboratories, offices and businesses. Even the dirt that is under the houses was taken from the original location. Henry Ford was pretty amazing in his desire to preserve so much history.

We rode the carousel along with an old timey bus, and this afternoon we even rode in a horse and carriage. The kids loved every part of this. Now, they were all super good as we went through the houses and listened to the workers tell more about the houses.

Even though we were there all day long, we still didn’t even see the area that contains the craftsman area or the farm area. We have actually never walked through the farm area. You truly do need a day and a half for Greenfield Village.

We did stop for a lunch break this afternoon. We walked the our van to eat our sandwiches while the Heltz went to their motorhome for their lunch. Afterwards, it was back into the Village to learn more.

We ended our day at the village with playtime on the playground and a walk through the roundhouse to see the trains. Then we headed to look through the gift shop for a little bit. The only thing I saw there was Hobo Bread that I have wanted to make since we were here the last time. This time I will try a bit harder! I should tell Keaton and Campbell my plans, and they won’t let me forget it.

To celebrate Robby’s birthday, the Heltz ate with us at Ford’s Garage. It was a nearby restaurant that was so creatively themed like a auto shop. They said that our table would be split up so we were pretty happy to see that it was together. I could just imagine us sitting at one table with the kids sitting at another table across the restaurant. I just don’t see how that would go over well.

Most of the kids ate hamburgers which were seared with the logo from the restaurant. Robby and i split a burger along with bbq mac and cheese which was delicious. Keaton has told just about anyone that will listen that her birthday is in just a few days. Today, however, she delighted in telling the server that it was her daddy’s birthday. They told him twice and soon Robby was surrounded by folks singing to him. The singing was neat and all, but they must not give out a little dessert for birthdays because he sure didn’t get anything.

The girls wanted to go swimming tonight when we made it back to the hotel. We vetoed that idea because we needed a bit of time to regroup, do laundry, shower and possibly catch up on our rest. We were able to do most of those things, but until I get my laundry folded and put away neatly again, I will feel a bit scattered.

I think that Robby had a pretty perfect birthday. To us there is just something magical about Greenfield Village. We will be able to see it one last time tomorrow before and possibly even after we tour the Henry Ford Museum. Then we will head back on the road. Now, we aren't even sure where tomorrow evening will take up, but I sure can't wait! 

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