September 11, 2018

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  • Graham and Campbell were both awake this morning when I started stirring. They were both already working on their school, and Campbell needed help with some of her math. I am never to crazy about doing math at 7:30 in the morning. Yikes! 
  • I think Reagan is awesome and totally amazing!!!-that is what happens when you leave your blog unattended and Reagan is around. I think that she is pretty excited about her birthday tomorrow. She is also continually making plans for her birthday party on Saturday. Today she cleaned the girls room and organized it. Unfortunately, Campbell and Keaton are having friends over Friday night so the room may end up trashed again.
  • Once again Anderson finished his school early. I know that I should be excited about this, but I am not sure of what is different so I am worried that something is being omitted. Though the last 2 days, he has done all of the things I require him to do each day and has also chosen easy assignments. That is fine, but that leaves the more difficult ones for later this week!
  • We are out lunch a little bit after 12:30. I was waiting on Reagan to finish her typing. They have to complete a typing program by the end of the year for their East program. I am having the boys do one section each day. 
  • However, Reagan may be a bit type A personality because she spent most of the afternoon working on her typing. Each section has multiple levels, and Reagan does each level until she scores a hundred percent on it. She has also completed over half of the program already. Gracious. I wonder where she gets that!
  • The afternoon was spent reading with everyone, reading with the little 3, reading with Whitman and working on Jr. Ranger books. This is all extra stuff that we have started this year. The kids still have plenty of time to play, enjoy life and netflix the afternoon away.
  • There was also some cooking this afternoon. Campbell signed up for snack for her Bible study class. I debated signing up everyone all at once. Instead I just let them sign up whenever they wanted. Of course this means that we will have snack just about every other week until Christmas!
  • I finished the treadmill just about the time that Robby came home from work. We both worked on some packing. My 6 page packing list can seem overwhelming, but once you start pulling everything out, it does go pretty quickly. I guess we could even leave a few days early!
  • We had leftover spaghetti from last night for supper. Afterwards, there was lunch packing for tomorrow, showers and some straightening. Then we didn't do much of anything until it was bedtime!

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