September 4, 2012

Skating by the rail!
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  • Graham arrived in our bed around 6 this morning and then we all slept until 7:30.  Then everyone started stirring and Graham got ready for school.  We all had breakfast and then Robby loaded Graham up.  Campbell was pretty upset that she didn't get to buckle up Graham's seat belt so Robby asked if she wanted to go with them and of course she did (Robby was working from home so he was coming back to the house).
  • As soon as they left, I finished cleaning the kitchen and cleaning Keaton-that child is a messy eater! And then we started school.  Time just flew by because we were not finished when the doorbell rang. I thought it was the plumber but had forgotten that it was time for Nonna to come over so I could run to work. 
  • Campbell wanted to play upstairs with Nonna and Reagan and Anderson were busy coloring flags when I left.  On my way home from work, I picked up Graham and I think he had a good day.  Though on his way out of the building he put his paper on his head and got glue in his hair.  I am sure this caused some type of scene because he said later "everyone laughed at me."  Graham is Mr. Sensitive but was soon happy and talking about his day.
  • We came home and I heated up leftovers for all of us.  While I was doing this, Graham and Reagan fussed, fought and feuded.  It was like he was having a hard time adjusting to being home or she was having a hard time adjusting to him being back in the mix.  Either way, it wasn't pretty.
  • After lunch, Nonna went home and we tried to finish school (almost but didn't make it).  Then I scrambled around putting Keaton and Campbell to bed while whispering to the others to potty, comb hair and get their shoes on.  Then we headed to the Terry library for homeschool story time.  
  • Story time was good-read a few books about gun (fiction and nonfiction), tried gum and made a craft.  Next week someone from Pinnacle Mountain is coming to the story time.  It was good for the kids and they have a zillion books at that library compared to Rooker's 12 books that they have.  But that library is so, so far away now.  
  • But after the library, I pulled into the skate place and the kids were so excited.  Reagan asked if we were going skating for her birthday.  I didn't think quickly enough to say that we were.  We paid for our skating and grabbed our skates.  It had been awhile since Reagan and Anderson had skated and that was obvious.  By the end, they still clung to the wall but were at least picking up speed.  Graham has only skated once before and my, my, my, next time we go I think I will need to wear shin guards and boots.  It took me and the wall to hold him up and I am betting that my back will be killing me in the morning.  
  • They did have fun though and the boys probably sweated buckets.  Reagan went around a few more times than the boys but they were so excited to take their skates off and go and look at the video games.  
  • Back at home, when Keaton and Campbell woke from their nap they had lots of Daddy time.  Campbell asked where we were and Robby said we were running errands.  That appeased Campbell and she then asked to play on Robby's ipad.  She found the videos and watched a few over and over of the kids dyeing Easter eggs.  Then she found a game with some animals on it.  After "playing" that for a bit, she told Robby "let's go to the zoo.  I will get my shoes."  She didn't seem to mind too much about missing to the zoo but she did ask me when we got home if we were going to the zoo.  We will have to plan a zoo trip very soon for Campbell.
  • I brought supper home with us and then after we ate, Robby ran to the Stotts' to work on their computers.  I worked here doing laundry and then read the kids a zillion books before tucking them in.  Then the dishes and treadmill for me.  Now that Robby is home I am going to try to convince him to eat a snack with me!

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