September 8, 2012

Doughnut celebration!
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  • Last night as we were going to bed, Robby told Reagan that we would probably go and get donuts for her birthday in the morning.  And then he asked if she wanted everyone to go or just the two of them-this quickly caught the boys attention and they started whispering "us, us" and "everybody" to Reagan.  She agreed that we should all go...
  • And as soon as they were up, everyone was ready to go.  While I was getting out of the shower, everyone else was climbing into the van.  I usually always leave the house with wet hair but this morning my hair was still dripping as we drove off.  
  • I guess Reagan is getting big-she didn't want to wear her birthday hat while we were singing to her.  That makes me sad.  Though she was very happy to blow out her candles on her birthday donut.  Poor Campbell continues to ask us when her birthday is-I had to tell her today that her birthday would be after Reagans, Keatons, Robbys, Andersons, Danas and Shelleys but then it will be her birthday.  Poor thing-we may have to have her a half birthday next year.
  • As we were climbing into the car at the doughnut place I was in the back buckling everyone and Anderson asked me "Why do you love me more than everyone else?"  I was speechless-how do you answer that in front of all of the kids? I told him that I love everyone the most but he wasn't convinced that I didn't love him more than the others.  I guess all the kids should think I love them the most.  
  • We did a little schooling today-a spanish lesson-in the aisles of Walmart.  Ha!!  We did survive letting the kids go to Walmart.  The kids are great in restaurants because they are used to eating out but we hardly ever take them to a store so their behavior isn't as great.  But we still made it and we provided a bit of entertainment to the folks at Walmart as we walked out of the store in a single file line.  I never asked them to do that-Robby just said follow Mom and Reagan lined everyone up-probably by age and height.  I just tried to walk quickly so people wouldn't think I was with all those kids following me!
  • At home, we all ended up sitting on the patio and then eating outside.  The kids then found their shoes and played.  Graham and then Campbell came in and had their shower and we just stuck Keaton in the shower with them (keeps her happy and contained).  I was leaving for a baby shower and told Robby I would get a visual on Reagan and Anderson before I left but after walking all the way around the house I checked inside to see that they were already joining the others in the shower.  
  • They rested and played this afternoon and then loaded up again.  I met them at Dana's house and we dropped the boys off for a night with Cash.  They were both so excited and couldn't wait.  Reagan, Keaton and Campbell went to Sams-enjoyed an icee and picked out cupcakes for Reagan to take to school on Monday. 
  • Back at home, Robby watched the ball game and the girls and I put the tablecloth on the table, made menus, lit candles and had us a fancy dinner with a waitress (Reagan).  After our meal, I did some laundry while playing Go Fish with Reagan and Campbell.  Campbell did really well playing tonight...considering she doesn't know her numbers!
  • Then it was bedtime and Campbell went to sleep in Graham's bed-we will see if that lasts.  As we tucked them in, Reagan was telling Campbell that she would be right there if she needed her-sweet sisters.

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