September 21, 2012

Go Bryant!? Go Benton?!
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  • Not a whole lot went on this morning.  We did school and everyone did fairly well-though poor Anderson was so distracted today.  I thought his work today was a bit easier but he still had 7 boxes left when Reagan finished her work.  I helped his finish some and then we went on with dreaded history.  Nothing like reading about someone deciding how his horse should be eaten during the middle of a siege.  
  • At noon, we did load up and meet Emily to drop off her uniform.  And after seeing her car, Anderson told me that we needed a convertible van.  It took me almost until we made it home for me to understand that.  Then I had to tell the poor kid that I had never seen a convertible van.  
  • Back at home, Keaton and I had soup for lunch and every one else had sandwiches-weirdos.  Then I made them help me pick up the house.  They had to clean the baseboards, doors, do some laundry and then lay out their clothes for the next few outings.
  • Everyone then rested-naps for the little girls and a movie for the big ones.  And before long Robby was home and we were loading up to drop Keaton off for her first grandparent spend the night outing.    
  • The rest of us then headed to the Salt Bowl.  Nonna and Pops arrived when we did and it was quite the event.  There was jumpys, hot dogs, snow cones, foam fingers, pencils-like a big free carnival.  The kids couldn't believe it that we let them jump and then have snow cones.  Graham even said that it was better than his birthday.
  • Then we went into the game and again the kids were in just awe.  The boys and Reagan were taking it all in.  Reagan and I were rooting for Benton-since they served supper to Beebee and Papaw and because they were the underdogs.  But we were on the Bryant side so the boys were rooting hard for them.  Campbell was just enjoying it all and taking it all in.
  • So tonight at the game, there was a boy cheerleader.  My boys could not understand why in the world a boy was a cheerleader.  I tried to explain that is just what he choose to do instead of football. Anderson though kept saying "really?"  I am thankful that they can not fathom doing that when they grow up.  
  • And things sure have changed since Robby and I were in high school.  We thought by going to McClellan and Fair that we had seen it all.  But after a few hours at a high school game our eyes were really opened.  Two things that I vividly noticed was how the young ladies dressed and how unsupervised children often behaved the wrong way.  
  • We stayed until half time and watched a bit of the halftime show before heading back to the car.  The kids were tired and we have to be at the football field at 8 in the morning-leaving here at 7:30.  Wish us luck!

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