September 14, 2012

Happy Swinging!
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  • Robby was the first one up this morning.  He even was up before the kids which is pretty surprising for us.  Before too long though everyone was up.
  • That was fine because we had to gobble down breakfast and then start school since we were headed to the park.  I told the kids that what we didn't finish they would have to finish at the park-if I leave the room, I come back finding them practicing cartwheels or dragging Keaton around.  Anderson didn't finish his work and had to do spelling in the car.  Oh, don't feel sorry for him-he was happy to do it in the car so he didn't have to do it at the park.  We were finished by the time we left Lawson.  My Anderson enjoys his spelling.  I do too and kind of think it is what I like doing the most with the kids.
  • At the park, the kids enjoyed playing with Kennedy and another friend from Reagan's school, Emily.  We had lunch and then they did more sliding, swinging, running, frisbee throwing, rock skipping and freeze tagging.  Eventually, I had to load my crew up so we could head home-I had lots to do!
  • At home, I worked a bit before putting Keaton and Campbell down for a nap.  Campbell asked to sleep in Reagan's bed for nap and did just fine-even staying in bed when she woke up.  Then I let the others watch a movie.  And after their movie they had to clean to earn another movie so we picked up the toy room, cleaned the garage and after their movies they bagged up party favors and helped make pudding.  
  • We were still working when Robby came home and he did a little more work while we had supper.  I guess since the toy room was clean the kids didn't want to mess it up so they just stayed downstairs near us. I read them 2 books and then after putting on pajamas Robby read 2 more.  Everyone went to bed fairly well tonight.

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