September 9, 2012

Birthday celebration at G-mom & G-pa's!
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  • Campbell had started off the night in Graham's bed but at 12ish she called me up there asking if it was time to get up.  I laid with her for awhile trying to get her to go back to sleep but after 20 minutes of rubbing her back she was still wide eyed.  I then asked if she wanted to go back to her bed and she said yes.  She just isn't quite ready to make the big bed switch.
  • Even with only three kids at home this morning, we were quite a bit later than usual.  This might have been due to Robby going back to sleep with Campbell when she woke up this morning.  And maybe the girls enjoying their donuts quite a bit longer than they should have.  
  • The boys woke up with Cash and had pancakes for breakfast (they enjoyed their pancakes from supper so much that they wanted a repeat) and then they headed to Cash's church.  The report was that they like Cash's class better because it wasn't so long and their big church was middle-ish big.
  • Keaton fussed when I dropped her off and then Campbell followed suit but was happy by the time I walked back by her window from dropping Reagan off.  Sitting in church was quite a bit different with only Reagan in big church.
  • Then we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.  She started Reagan's birthday week off with a candle and a few rounds of Happy Birthday.  Then everyone ventured outside for a bit of playing before we came home.
  • At home, the kids had time to watch a few movies and time for me to paint Reagan's fingernails before it was again time for church.  I dropped Reagan, Anderson and Graham off at choir and I think that they all had a pretty good time.  Anderson and Graham were in the class for a bit together which made me happy.  When I dropped them off some other boys in the room were running around and I had to remind mine that we were not going to run.  Shortly after a teacher had everyone sit down and Graham and Anderson sat at different tables.  So I peeked back in to tell Graham to go and sit by his brother.  
  • Robby fed the little girls their supper and then they headed to church.  We met in time to drop Campbell off in her class and then we headed back into big church.  Reagan said "we have to go to church again?"  
  • We did have one fiasco while passing the offering plate. Reagan was the first to pass it but forgot to put in her money and then Graham grabbed it and wasn't going to pass it to Anderson.  This struggle over the plate made Anderson's money to fall out which let Graham to shout "Anderson, your money!"    Thankfully the music was concert loud tonight and most of the sanctuary didn't hear us.
  • Back at home, the rest of us had supper and then the Sunday night ice cream truck came and the kids all picked out a frozen treat from our ice cream box.  Then it was bedtime for the crew-Sunday's are just tiring because they were all asleep pretty quick.

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