September 5, 2012

Studying the Earth!
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  • This morning started out pretty much like usual.  I really can't even remember what all happened before breakfast.  I do remember the boys asking me if they could watch a movie during breakfast and then getting out of my shower to see that they had convinced their Daddy to turn one on for them.
  • Campbell was ready for me to get Keaton's clothes on her this morning-probably because she wore her pajamas all day yesterday.  But I was just making up for the night before that when she went to sleep in her clothes.  I do think she actually prefers being only in her diaper all day long.
  • And speaking of diapers-my Campbell is just about to potty train herself.  Seriously!  If she hears or sees someone else going potty, she will dart in there and try to get on the potty before they do and then have a fit screaming that she needs to go potty now.  Don't get me wrong-we aren't close to wearing big girl underwear but she probably potties in the potty half of the time now.  Maybe it will happen by three.
  • We did our school this morning and then I finally got around to letting them do one activity I had been telling them about-we made the layers of the earth with playdoh.  They were so proud of themselves and then played with the playdoh for at least an hour.  I really should pull the playdoh out more often-though it is a huge mess to clean up.  
  • And speaking of cleaning up-I now feel like I am a teacher all morning, a maid in the afternoon and then an exhausted old lady at night.  Ha!  Around 4 today, I started getting everyone ready to go to church-I truly think that Awana is the best program that our church does.  Truly outstanding-they all have a blast but more importantly they learn so many Bible verses.  Every child should go to Awana (now stepping off soapbox).....but all that to say, Wednesday nights are the hardest night of the week.    We have to leave so early and rush all afternoon and then gobble down supper.  And then we get home late and the kids are wired, hungry and not ready to go to sleep.  Now despite all of that Awana is still worth it and I do feel better now that I am finished complaining!
  • The kids all did great at church tonight-Reagan was happy to be back in Sparks and it was all new to Anderson and he told me all about the games that they played on the way home.  Graham is now the big boy on his side and was pleased to have me outside his room working.  Campbell had a snack, made a craft and even saw puppets (featuring Robby as the voice as Cubbie and me as the voice of the elephant and the zebra.)  Keaton did fine in her class and was swinging and drinking a bottle when I came to pick her up.
  • Back at home, everyone had a snack and some milk before heading to bed.  Campbell informed us that she wanted to sleep in Reagan's bed tonight-that request was denied and she was not happy with us at all.

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