September 16, 2012

New birthday doll!
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  • This morning Reagan found something that she wanted to do at Nonna's house after lunch today.  I wasn't able to quickly remember who had given it to her and Graham piped up with the correct name of who brought that gift.  That boy can't remember his abcs but he can always remember facts like this.
  • As we were loading up to get into the car, Graham was looking around at all of the party leftovers strewn around the garage and he said "I want to have my next birthday in the garage too"-I guess the garage was a pretty good party place.
  • I ran into two of Campbell's Sunday school teachers today.  One said that she was very sweet and the other said that she was so quiet and hadn't started talking to them yet.  I am sure that the real Campbell will show up soon and just knock their socks off.
  • Graham also got a compliment in Sunday school today saying that he was singing so well.  I wasn't really paying any attention but my boy does love to sing.  He gets that from Robby.
  • When church was over, Anderson said "did you see me sleeping?" and Reagan added "I fell asleep too."  To which I added "so did I."  If you were sitting near me in church this morning I sure hope I didn't snore out loud.  
  • On our way home, Graham was talking about the cows walking down the road that we saw on the way to church.  And Campbell was trying to talk as well so she shouted at him "Graham, I'm talking to my Momma. Don't talk."  
  • At Nonna's house, we had lunch and celebrated Robby's birthday with a Jo Powell cake.  It was delicious and the kids even gobbled it up.  After lunch, Reagan worked on decorating her purse-one of her birthday presents. 
  • We then headed home for a few minutes before choir.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham colored and then watched a few movies.  Keaton and Campbell had their naps and Robby and I retreated to the bonus room and slept like babies.  After all Sunday's are days of rest-especially in this house.
  • I finally stirred and headed to church for choir with the big 3 while Robby earned his money this afternoon.  The little girls woke up, had supper and then Campbell decided that she needed a shower so of course she had herself a shower.  When Robby finally made it to church, he was pretty convinced that he was going to be the one to take the big 3 to choir next week.
  • So Team Impact was at church tonight.  Graham spent the whole night (well, the hour that we stayed) with his hands over his ears.  Campbell who also had her hands over her ears would look at him, pat his head and say "it's okay, I'm here."  Reagan and Anderson were on the edge of their seats the entire time.  They squealed, screamed and hollered and had a great time.  The only way I was able to get them to leave was to mention that it was Sunday night and the ice cream truck was coming to our house (not a real ice cream truck but just what we call our Sunday night treats.)

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