September 18, 2012

Dancing Princess!
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  • Graham was ready to go to school this morning because he knew that Grannymom was going to pick him up.  He even decided to eat his breakfast in the car thinking that would help him get to school faster.  
  • At home, we did school.  For some reason we flew through everything today, even finishing science, geography and history.  Whoop, whoop!  One thing might have helped was that Campbell and Keaton went in my bedroom and Campbell shut the bedroom doors.  They were in there long enough that I had to send Reagan, then Anderson and then me to check on them.  I knew there wasn't anything harmful in my bedroom (other than Campbell).  The 30 minutes they spent probably helped Anderson focus and Reagan to finish her work.  
  • We had lunch here and then I started on some chores while Reagan waited on me to open up some more of her birthday presents.  So after putting Campbell and Keaton down that is what we did.  We opened her legos and put them together (I think everyone will be getting legos for Christmas).  They worked on them forever and then took the new ones upstairs to play.
  • Soon after the girls woke up I was able to shoo Anderson and Campbell outside.  Reagan was still working on one of her birthday arts and crafts so she finished before coming out.  I worked on straightening the garage some (mud is everywhere in there still from Reagan's party) and then we played baseball.  Soon the neighbor kids came over and they all played in the dirt until Graham came home.
  • Speaking of neighbor kids-I just about, well I did lose it with one today.  This afternoon I was on the treadmill and saw three kids playing by the lid to my septic tank and then saw it open.  I jumped off, ran downstairs and made it clear that they were not to touch it nor were they to come in my yard.  This is not the first time I have had to do this (this being "get ugly with them")  But really, can't blame the kids too much-who lets their kids play in some one else's yard when the people that live there aren't outside?  Or who let's their kids play outside all afternoon without checking on them?  
  • Robby brought Graham home this afternoon.  I have been smelling doughnuts all day long and when I hugged Graham I smelled them on him.  His story was that Grannymom and Grandpa took him for doughnuts, they came home and had lunch and then they had more doughnuts.  Robby doesn't believe this story and I have my doubts since Graham has become quite the story teller but he sure did smell like doughnuts.  
  • For supper was celebrated National Cheeseburger Day by having cheeseburgers-a coincidence.  Then it was bath time for all little children n this house.  I wasn't in there when Keaton was getting her bath but she was not happy at all.  Before too long it was bedtime but tonight Reagan wanted the fish tank night light out tonight so her new glow in the dark fairy picture would shine brightly.  Anderson and Campbell didn't want to light out so we said after 15 minutes we said we would turn it back on and we did.  After an hour, we heard Reagan holler for us to come and turn the light back off-she was waiting up so she could again see her fairies glow.

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