September 20, 2012

The dentist would be proud!
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  • We woke up in enough time today to nearly finish off another box of cereal.  Last time I went to the grocery store, I bought boxes of cereal instead of the huge Sam size bag.  Even though I had coupons and it was on sale, that probably wasn't the most economical thing to do since we are going through a box of cereal in a little over a day.  What am I going to do when these people are teenagers all at once?
  • Robby dropped Graham off at school and if we believe everything that he says then he tore a phone book in half.  Ms. Stacy showed him how-maybe Team Impact has an audition coming up soon.  
  • I dropped the other off at Grannymom's house.  Keaton was in a mood today and didn't really want to eat-I think she is getting her 32nd tooth (well, she doesn't have that many but my baby does have a mouth full of teeth). 
  • Reagan and Anderson did their school work and then did more school work outside by playing hangman.  Most of the day they spent outside since the weather is still just beautiful.  Reagan worked on her bird house with Grandpa and Anderson got pretty good at throwing the ball up and hitting it with the bat.
  • Campbell did quite good pottying and even wore big girl panties most of the day long.  Though at nap this afternoon, I told her that she could keep her panties on but that we would also put on a diaper.  She told me that Grannymom said that she had to wear her panties even during nap time.  I finally won that battle but imagine what a battle it was when I finally took those panties off of her for good later in the day when they were wet.
  • Nonna picked Graham up from school and when that little turkey was talking to Nonna, he told her about getting bit by a bed bug.  He said that it was in Washington D.C.  And then he added "it was the capitol but not our capitol"  Meaning it was the national capital building there and not the one he sees downtown.  He also added that it made a red bump but then went away after a few days.  His story was so complete that Nonna was even starting to wonder if maybe it was somewhat true.  Now, not to my knowledge have any of my children ever been bitten by bed bugs-though I have wondered about bed bugs at certain hotels that we have stayed at.  
  • When Graham did make it home this afternoon, he was thrilled to try on his new football shoes (soccer cleats).  But someone was not thrilled about this at all.  Campbell cried and cried wanting me to buy her soccer shoes.  She was just not happy with me and kept asking when I would buy her some.  I guess I will have to get her some next year during soccer even though she still won't be old enough to play.  
  • We played outside a bit this evening and then came in for showers and supper.  Keaton may not have eaten this morning but she gobbled down every bit of soup that I laid on the table in front of her.  She even sat at the table after everyone else went upstairs to play.  My soup was a bit spicy so I made sure that she had plenty to drink and even took her cup to bed!
  • The big kids watched a show before bed-I guess I should say that they watched part of a movie.  Robby thought he picked a quick little show but it ended up being an 1.5 hour movie.  Ha!  We cut them off after about 45 minutes.  Anderson, Graham and Campbell all said that it was a scary movie but they must not be too afraid since there are no sounds coming from upstairs.

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