September 3, 2012

Reagan's 1st Cheerleading Practice
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham was the first one up and soon both boys were in our bed.  This didn't take too long for this to urge me to go ahead and get out of bed and start cooking-I made brownies and apple enchiladas for lunch today.
  • The kids had breakfast and even a few minutes to play before we did a bit of school-yes, even on Labor day (we are going to take Friday off).  We had time for phonics, math and one other thing before it was time to start getting ready.
  • It is nice that the kids can all work together and help out (gather all of the towels, find the bathing suits,   remind me of things).  Of course this all happens much more smoothly when the kids have a goal in mind-like go swimming.  
  • Pretty much as soon as we let everyone out of the car at the Stotts, the kids were in the pool.  This time I did remember a hat for Keaton-that girl loves the water and didn't mind missing her morning nap to stay in the water.
  • Then we had lunch and the kids went upstairs to play-they all even had turns playing a video game with Austin and spent lots of time playing in Kennedy's room.  They were so quiet up there that I eventually thought that Campbell had fallen asleep.  She had not and was playing hard.
  • On the road home, we stopped for slushes to try to keep everyone awake but Campbell still managed to go to sleep with her slush in her hand.  At home, Campbell and Keaton had a short, short nap and Graham rested for about half a second before coming to watch me do spelling with Reagan and Anderson.  
  • Then it was time to scurry around to load up again for football and cheer leading practice.  The boys were excited but Reagan was beyond excited for her first practice.  She was so happy-and sweaty when practice was over.  She said her cheers over and over tonight-so much so that Campbell started chanting some version of them back.  
  • The boys did good in practice tonight despite the heat.  They caught the ball fairly well (well, as well as can be expected).  Nonna, Pops and Jason even showed up to check out everyone's practices for a few minutes.  After practice, the kids had a snack and cooled off before we climbed in the van and had supper on the way home (pb and j).
  • At home, everyone had their showers and then the Sunday ice cream truck swang through the kitchen and everyone had their pick of ice cream before bed.

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