September 26, 2012

Celebrating "1" with Nonna
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  • Everyone was awake before 7 this morning.  Yesterday morning the kids fish light went out so this morning when they woke and it was still not working, it caused a bit of commotion.  As soon as I walked into their room, Campbell told me that she was ready to get her clothes on.  Everyone else is happy wearing their pajamas all day long but not her-I even put my pajamas back on after my shower just to torment her.
  • Next up was breakfast this morning and then school.  The boys had quite a difficult time-wrestling, fighting, telling me "no."  It won't happen tomorrow-they have been warned by their Daddy who will also be working from home tomorrow.  
  • We did finish school around 12 and the kids worked on the trash while I made lunch.  Reagan did finish her mosaic from her birthday (her favorite thing ever-and everyone else has put them on their Christmas lists).  She was so happy that she had finished this and can't wait for us to hang it on the wall.
  • Nonna soon came over with a birthday cake for Keaton.  She didn't really care much about the cake until it was put near enough to her that she could grab at the cake stand.  And she was quite intrigued with all of the kids surrounding her to sing.  She did quite enjoy eating the cake-not as much as the boys who seemed to enjoy sneaking into the kitchen to dip their fingers into the icing.
  • After Nonna left, I put Campbell and Keaton to bed and then the others started painting.  This is the new obsession and Reagan was working diligently on her birdhouse.  I made them clean up after awhile so they could watch a movie and I could do a few chores.
  • It didn't take too long for it to be time to go.  I thought I had done well-everyone had on cleanish clothes, brushed teeth and they all had shoes. I had gotten Campbell's bag with a cup in it and Keaton's diaper bag with milk.  I had also packed supper for Beebee's place-corndogs, chips, juice boxes, plates and even a knife to cut Keaton's food.  And as soon as I walked into Beebee's place I remembered that I had forgotten all of the Awana bags.  Robby was able to go home and get them-plan b was to just forget them, me go back and get them on the way to church or have Nonna get them for me.  Second time for me to forget a bag that is outside lately-going to have to get a better system.
  • I was the person talking to the puppets tonight in the preschool and this was big time stuff for Campbell who had never seen my do this.  Later she asked "why did you not call Zebra."  Everyone had a good time-Reagan even earned a patch and her new wings and Graham earned a new patch as well.  (Lots of sewing work for Grannymom.)  Anderson said that his teachers only let him say one verse tonight-not real sure if all of that is correct but we will soon see-he knows his verses and is ready to earn his wings and patch too.
  • At home, everyone had a quick drink before bed and then they all went to bed.  Everyone has been quite tonight-especially since I am too lazy to get up and get the monitor.  Oh, don't worry, if they scream or fall out of the bed I can hear them since I am sitting right below them. 

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