September 2, 2012

Reagan's 1st 7th birthday celebration!
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  • Church morning and we were there in time to sit in the car for a few minutes before going in.  Robby and I kind of like a few minutes of peace before an hour or two of chaos but the kids do not like sitting in the car at all!  This is torture for them-absolute torture.
  • Reagan still loves going to her "dance party" Sunday school class and Campbell is still walking in to her class without a problem.  Though she did take out her barrette in the car and her teacher (probably thinking the child looked pitiful) had to put a rubber band in her hair.  I asked Campbell if she told her teacher that her Momma did fix her hair this morning and that she left her barrette in the car.  Campbell at first said that she did and then changed her answer to "maybe not."
  • Anderson's favorite part of church is having a cookie with Mr. Mike after Sunday school.  And I believe that Graham's favorite part is going to Sunday school with Robby and me.  I do say that my Grahamer boy is the best behaved and smartest child in the class.
  • Church was fine today-Graham snoozed a bit and for the first time in weeks Anderson didn't ask if church was almost over.  After church, we ran to Walmart so I could make another cake like we had on Friday.  My plan was to make apple enchiladas but I was over ruled by Robby and the kids who loved my cake from the other night. 
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and the kids devoured their fruit and we even began the month long celebration of Reagan's 7th birthday.  Nonna had made a huge birthday cupcake and Reagan was pretty excited that her birthday celebration is now beginning-she didn't realize that her birthday is that close!
  • At home this afternoon, the little girls had a nap and the others played and played with their legos while I did a bit of cooking and Robby did a bit of cleaning.  They eventually watched a movie or two.  Campbell knew we were having company tonight and when she woke up from a nap she saw the legos in the toy room and said "we have to clean those up."  And then she helped me pick up all of the legos-sweet little thing.  
  • Now Keaton woke up from her nap in a pretty fussy mood.  Every time I would walk past the fridge she would fuss-I eventually realized that she thought she needed a bottle.  She did perk up a bit when the Hugheys came over for supper.  She likes staring at people and was thrilled when I gave her a plate of strawberries.  
  • We had leftovers from Friday night plus a few new things and Louanne brought some yummy dip.  The kids were on their best behavior and were thrilled when Jordan went upstairs to play with them for a bit-I think that had a massive nerf gun war.  Robby should have actually paid Jordan for her baby sitting services.  
  • The kids were all tired from their nerf gun war and at bedtime they all went right to bed-love nights like that!

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