September 6, 2012

Keaton has started taking her 1st steps!
(click here for today's pictures)
(click here for a quick video of Keaton walking!)
  • Before 7, the upstairs crew was going strong-fighting and fussing.  Graham was eventually called downstairs to sit in a chair and be quiet while everyone else rested for the last 4 minutes before 7.  Those last 4 minutes of quietness are just the best!  
  • Robby then went upstairs to get everyone ready while I headed to the shower.  Campbell started off the morning dry and then pottied off and on pretty much all day.  It is funny how things just click in their little minds.
  • Graham went to school and must have had a good day there because he said that school was the best part of his day.  Though Nonna picking him up must have ranked pretty high as well.  They had some banana bread (Graham had asked Nonna for some last week), made fresh squeezed orange juice, played with play doh and even had a nap.  We were about to go and pick him up when Nonna called saying he was sleeping so he was able to stay until Pops had to head to see Beebee.  Poor guy though has a rash all over his little body-hopefully cream and benedryl tonight will take care of it.
  • When Robby brought the other 4 home this afternoon, Keaton was sound asleep.  She had had a big morning practicing her WALKING!  She had an afternoon nap and then sat contently in the stroller while we worked in the yard.  But tonight after a bit more practice, Robby and I decided that we can officially call that girl a walker!  She so enjoyed walking back and forth to Robby and me tonight.  I bet that by her birthday she will really be walking well.
  • Reagan and Anderson did school this afternoon and did wonderfully.  Sometimes it is nice doing school with just them-they can get their stuff done so much quicker but it is much more fun (and challenging) when everyone else is around and awake.  Anderson was really gotten into coloring lately and was so excited when I told him that he could color as I read history.
  • After school we all joined Robby outside-he had been working/burning off and on all day long.  We were all picking up sticks when Reagan said "why are we doing all of this work?"  I had to remind her that there is going to be a big party at our house in a few days.  She quickly figured out who's party I was talking about and started picking up sticks as fast as she could.  
  • Our yard looked like a war zone after the storms from last week but after picking up sticks and Robby using his leaf/stick picker upper on his mower the yard looks pretty good.  Actually it looks really good and it won't take him long to mow and clean up some more before Reagan's party.
  • Oh, the kids were hot and hungry tonight.  They helped us for a bit, all had a turn on the tractor, spent some time swinging, ate a popsicle and stayed outside pretty much until we came in.  Once inside, everyone had showers-Keaton started off in the little shower and then crawled herself towards the other shower and then turned around and headed back to where she was.  She was promptly put in the shower that had a door on it!
  • Supper, movie and bed were what was up next!  Good busy day!

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